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I have heard this name pronounced 3 ways:

Heathyr  9/8/2009
This name is magic. And totally gorgeous and mystical.
I love Roxana and all its variants, but Roxelana is just so much cooler and more beautiful and sophisticated. I like the Lana ending; it makes it more exotic and complex than Roxana. I like this name's complexity, it has so much history and culture behind it; Roxelana was an Empress of the Ottoman Empire, and I like the meaning's ties to Ukraine. But it still sounds very modern and cool and youthful. Roxelana makes me think of a rebel, a young woman who's cool, independent, and unconventional, with good tastes in music and fashion. Though I do think it would take someone with the right personality to pull of a name as dramatic and eye-catching as Roxelana. One of the good things about this name is that if people find it difficult, she could go by Roxy, Roxa or Lana.
― Anonymous User  2/14/2010
I'm Turkish and I've never heard of it. We usually call Suleyman's wife Hürrem, or Alexandra. Sometimes Ruslana. But It's pretty.
EUPHOORIA  4/17/2014
She was known in Turkish is 'Hürrem' (from Persian: خرم‎ Khurram, "the cheerful one"); Roxelana could come from Ruslan or Ruslana.
Shibbeh  10/5/2014
From a Turkish nickname meaning "Ruthenian" (I.e. Ukrainian). [noted -ed]
roma ravelda  4/8/2015
Other versions of the name:
Rokselana, Roksolana, Roxolana, Rossolana, Rosselana.
Eliska97  1/21/2016
It derives from the Italian word "rosso/a", meaning (in the context of a person) "ginger-headed", "redhead". It's not Ukrainian, nor Turkish, nor Ruthenian - as far as I know, the Venetians came up with that name. That's why in 'Magnificent Century' Hurrem/Roksolana is red-haired.
However, all of her portraits picture her differently, and frankly most were painted even after her death, so it's hard to tell how she actually looked like.
Eliska97  1/21/2016
I think it's really pretty, but it would be hard to take seriously on a modern person, as well as kind of pretentious. You're better off using Roxana instead.
Buneary  8/12/2016
This is so pretty! Admittedly, I thought when I was 12 it was a name I made up from Roxanne and Lana, two equally pretty names, for a Pokemon trainer. I think Roxelana Abigail would be a pretty combination too.
thezenithofnadir  8/14/2017

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