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Roxy is a famous clothing brand in Australia and New Zealand.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2006
Roxy Hart was Renne Zelweger's character in "Chicago".
6diablesse6  12/5/2006
Roxy is a music club in Prague, Czechia.
Maggie_Simpson  12/3/2007
Roxy is also the name of one of the members of the troublemaking rival band The Misfits from the animated series and toy line, Jem.

Yes, it does have kinda "bad girl" feel to it. Roxy is also the name of several theaters including two famous ones in San Francisco and New York and several night clubs including one in LA where "Rocky Horror" was first preformed in the US and a Roller rink/dance club in New York.
Hailey2009  8/19/2011
Roxy Lalonde from Andrew Hussie's MS Paint Adventure webcomic Homestuck.
allanbunny  3/31/2014
Roxy is the preferred name of Roxanne Morton, close friend and ally of Eggsy Unwin in the 2015 film, 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'.
Feorsteorra  6/16/2015

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