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_satu_  11/11/2006
Rüdiger Hennecke plays drums and keyboard with the German band Morgoth.
― Anonymous User  6/1/2007
No offense to anyone, but this is easily in the top 5 ugliest and most embarrassing names ever. I can't believe Germans have actually named their infant sons this back in the day. The name sounds like that of someone born a hundred years ago, and it has the sound of the name of a hopelessly nerdy boy from the 1910s who had funny clothes and silly glasses.
slight night shiver  5/5/2008
Haha, I really love the name Rüdiger! I've given the name to one of the characters in my novel. I much prefer it to Roger, its English cognate. Plus, Rüdi (or Ruedi) is a cute nickname!
dionysius  2/2/2011
Rüdiger was a famous Margrave in the Nibelungenlied as well as the famous King in Beowulf as the variant "Hrathgar"!
Germania  4/25/2017

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