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My favorite of the rose-names! A whole lot better than boring Rose, more mature than Rosalie, Rosaline, Rosalina, and Rosie, and more beautiful than anything else! I am crazy about this name!
Dragon_Clarinet  11/3/2008
A beautiful name, and a great alternative to the English 'Rose', which is becoming overdone.
vomiting  8/21/2009
Ruzena Bajcsy is a robotics specialist who won the 2009 Benjamin Franklin medal.
vomiting  8/21/2009
It's pronounced as roo-ZHEN-ah. And it might just be my favorite name!
Dragon_Clarinet  9/2/2009
Slovak form is Ružena.
MaggieSimpson  10/22/2009
This name is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe I've never heard it before!
The only things that worry me about using it in the future, are the accents. As an American not of Slavic descent, if I were to name my future daughter this (and I'm tempted), her name would *constantly* be misspelled and/or mispronounced.
erb816  1/22/2010

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