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I love this name. It expresses strength, beauty and, most of all, wisdom. A very special name. Unfortunately, I have not yet met anyone who bears it.
Evaria  8/8/2005
In Swedish Runa is the word for a rune, a letter from the Runic alphabet.
Elphi  12/20/2005
I love the name Runa. It's a great name.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2006
Runa is also a German and Old English name.
Beornhild  12/20/2006
This name is pronounced as ROO-nah.
Charlie1977  9/24/2007
There's a really eerie children's book called Runa about a Swedish girl who is apparently destined to die because of her place in her family. (Thankfully, she eventually overcomes this fate and lives to see her next birthday!) However, the book really isn't very well known, and the name is quite lovely if you think about it, so I have decided that I like it!
lunalovegood  12/3/2007
My best friends name is Runa! When she was born her mother came across this name in a baby-book and fell in love with it. But Runa isn't a recognised name in Germany so her mother called her Deborah Runa. Everyone knows her as Runa. She is a very strong and beautiful person.
Kathleen92  2/11/2009
Runa Akasaka is a Japanese actress who is best known for her appearances in adult videos (AV). Akasaka's career in AV lasted about four years, with 70 to 100 videos listed for her at two major retailers at the end of 2008. Asasaka has also starred in titles in the pink film and V-Cinema genres.
lilolaf  2/1/2017
My name is Runa and I personally think it’s a really cool name (obviously) I live in Norway where it’s more usual than other countries, but still not very popular. I’ve only ever met one other person with the name. I’m pretty sure it means secret, cause that’s what I’ve heard all through my life, but I recently discovered that it also could mean strength or something, though I don’t really know how reliable that source was.
Runaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  1/25/2018

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