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Rune is pronounced as ROO-neh.
-- Charlie1977  8/26/2005
Charlie Blue is right. Rune is pronuced "ROO-neh".
-- Nerd  12/4/2007
Irish and Scots Gaelic have the word "rún/rùn" (the former being Irish, the latter being Scottish) and it also means "secret" and is often used as a term of affection: "mo rùn geal, dìleas" ("my faithful, fair one").
-- gaelruadh19  7/16/2006
Rune is pronounced "ROON".
-- Moon  1/20/2007
If it was me, I wouldn't give my child the first name Rune, as it's a recognizable English word. I'd definitely consider it as a middle name, though! I really like it.
-- Elvenscholar  8/29/2007
Rune is a quite common name in Norway.
-- Anonymous User  2/13/2008
I think this is a fantastic name to use for a hero in a fantasy story.
-- Pippin  3/20/2008
Runes were the stones the past Norwegians used to "write" on.
-- EllyKash  10/30/2008
Yes it IS very common in Norway.
-- EllyKash  10/30/2008
A famous (but not so popular, I guess) Norwegian bearer is the artist Rune Rudberg.
-- EllyKash  10/30/2008
When I first came across this name, I thought it was unpleasant and too much of a fantasy name. But I love the sound of the name; from what I've seen of pronunciations, this name sounds very good. I can't see naming a child this, but it has an almost dreamy quality. Strange.
-- Wilted  1/7/2009
In very few of my stories, there is a mysterious character by the name of Rune. She is female, though, not male. Usually she has a confusing past that leads to her adopting her nickname as her given name--and she got the nickname Rune because of all the strange tattoos covering her back. It ties into the story nicely, as she isn't just plopped in there as a "oh, that's cool, huh?" element.
-- Book_Reader22  2/3/2011
I really like Rune with either pronunciation. I do however like it better on a girl. I think there is a sort of charm behind the name that would be cute on a girl where as on a boy it's not quiet masculine enough. Great alternative for girls Rain, Rose, Renee etc.
-- TABS  5/24/2011
Rune Velta is a Norwegian ski jumper.
-- enchy  8/7/2011
This is an adorable name for a boy. I can also see this as a character name in a fantasy or sci-fi tale. I like how it is short and sweet, but it also strikes me as a powerful name.
-- autumn23  4/18/2013
This name is pronounced as "RU-ne" in Sweden.
-- Melcher96  12/12/2015

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