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Rune is pronounced as ROO-neh.
Charlie1977  8/26/2005
Charlie Blue is right. Rune is pronuced "ROO-neh".
Nerd  12/4/2007
Irish and Scots Gaelic have the word "rún/rùn" (the former being Irish, the latter being Scottish) and it also means "secret" and is often used as a term of affection: "mo rùn geal, dìleas" ("my faithful, fair one").
gaelruadh19  7/16/2006
Rune is pronounced "ROON".
Moon  1/20/2007
If it was me, I wouldn't give my child the first name Rune, as it's a recognizable English word. I'd definitely consider it as a middle name, though! I really like it.
Elvenscholar  8/29/2007
Rune is a quite common name in Norway.
― Anonymous User  2/13/2008
I think this is a fantastic name to use for a hero in a fantasy story.
Pippin  3/20/2008
Runes were the stones the past Norwegians used to "write" on.
EllyKash  10/30/2008
Yes it IS very common in Norway.
EllyKash  10/30/2008
A famous (but not so popular, I guess) Norwegian bearer is the artist Rune Rudberg.
EllyKash  10/30/2008
When I first came across this name, I thought it was unpleasant and too much of a fantasy name. But I love the sound of the name; from what I've seen of pronunciations, this name sounds very good. I can't see naming a child this, but it has an almost dreamy quality. Strange.
Wilted  1/7/2009
In very few of my stories, there is a mysterious character by the name of Rune. She is female, though, not male. Usually she has a confusing past that leads to her adopting her nickname as her given name--and she got the nickname Rune because of all the strange tattoos covering her back. It ties into the story nicely, as she isn't just plopped in there as a "oh, that's cool, huh?" element.
Book_Reader22  2/3/2011
I really like Rune with either pronunciation. I do however like it better on a girl. I think there is a sort of charm behind the name that would be cute on a girl where as on a boy it's not quiet masculine enough. Great alternative for girls Rain, Rose, Renee etc.
TABS  5/24/2011
Rune Velta is a Norwegian ski jumper.
enchy  8/7/2011
This is an adorable name for a boy. I can also see this as a character name in a fantasy or sci-fi tale. I like how it is short and sweet, but it also strikes me as a powerful name.
autumn23  4/18/2013
This name is pronounced as "RU-ne" in Sweden.
Melcher96  12/12/2015
Being fully aware that this is a male name pronounced "ROON-eh" in Scandinavia (and a dated one at that) I still can't help but envision this name on a female. Perhaps it's because as an English word it is pronounced "ROON" and refers to enscribed stone tablets. This pronunciation makes it similar to the names Ruth and June, which are feminine. I teeter back and forth on whether or not to use Rune for a girl. The dads in Norway would probably beat me up, lol.
samoan.solstice  4/24/2016
The ABBA mirrored "B" logo was designed by Rune Söderqvist (1935-2014). In addition, he illustrated several ABBA album covers.
SorrySylvester  8/20/2016
Rune RK is a DJ who got popular with the song "Calabria" ft. Natasja.
thezenithofnadir  11/19/2017

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