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I think it's a really beautiful name. I really recommend it. It's actually my little brother's name.
-- scorpio93  5/28/2005
One famous bearer of the name is Russel Crowe (Gladiator, Cinderella Man).
-- Kae Kae  7/26/2005
One famous bearer is Russell Simmons.
-- marissa_2005  1/15/2006
I really love this name! I think it sounds kind of modern even though it's not. Russ sounds really great. I hate that the popularity is decreasing :( it doesn't sound old or stuffy at all!

(funny thing: in French "rousse elle" means red-headed girl and I heard Roussell was a variant of Russell. Still love the name though)
-- pink_floyd_fan  7/22/2006
Russell Brand is a British presenter that presents Big Brother's Big Mouth, a spin-off of Big Brother. He's hilarious and has made me love this name.
-- K.M.F  8/17/2006
"..the girl's brother's name was Russell, a name which to Arthur's mind always suggested burly men with blond mustaches and blow-dried hair who would at the slightest provocation start wearing velvet tuxedos and frilly shirt fronts and would then have to be forcibly restrained from commentating on billiards matches."

- excerpt from So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish, a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book by Douglas Adams. Note: this does not reflect my views on the name, which I rather like. I just wanted to leave this comment because it amused me while I was reading the book.
-- wefrox  10/14/2006
Makes me think of 'rustle', like rustling leaves. An okay name aside from that.
-- Petroushka  3/8/2007
A famous bearer is American television and stage deaf actor Russell Harvard.
-- Karcoolka  4/30/2007
What did the two leaves name their son?
You guessed it! Russell! :-P

Actually, my name is Russell and I've read that Russell is a Nordic name meaning red headed Warrior.
-- Anonymous User  6/11/2007
Sorry, but, it feels like this name is a becoming a victim of the "redneck" stereotype propagated by popular entertainment. It just reminds me of a name used in one-liners by Jeff Foxworthy.
-- leananshae  12/17/2007
Famous bearer is Kurt Russell.
-- VTDesmond  4/21/2008
It's not the worst name out there by any stretch of the imagination, but I despise Russell Crowe, and he has ruined this otherwise perfectly nice name for me.
-- slight night shiver  5/5/2008
A famous bearer is the wonderful, incomparable Russell Brand. He's a British comedian, actor, TV presenter, writer, you name it. That man can do it all! He's the coolest, funniest, sexiest, and most all around awesome man alive. I want a clone of him.
-- DuskyJewel  8/23/2008
Russell Lissack is the lead guitarist of British band Bloc Party.
-- harajukulover  10/14/2008
Love it. :D It sounds like a plucky and devilishly clever fellow.
-- not_another_Jessica  12/3/2008
I actually do not like this name, to me it just sounds a bit like a root vegetable. Russell potatoes, anyone? Nor do I like the pet name, Russ.
-- emmiix3  1/19/2009
Russell Stover! Mmmmmm.

And I like it because its kind of natural. Rustling of leaves. It's sweet. Nickname Ross instead of Russ, too. Or Rusty.
-- willarose93  1/23/2009
Russell Howard, an English comedian and radio presenter.
-- Claire H  3/25/2009
I can't believe no one's mentioned Russell Peters yet. He's a Canadian comedian.
-- CanadianChibi  5/5/2009
This name oozes sexiness.
Thanks to Russel Brand, I forever love this name.
I think of a really attractive, witty man.
-- DaphneSusan  9/28/2010
Love the name! It sounds really sexy yet mature. :)
-- Chrila96  1/2/2011
Russell Tovey, an English actor well known for being in Being Human, Him and Her and The History Boys.
-- Hehehe  3/2/2012
Russell Dalrymple is the president of NBC and works with Jerry and George on their television pilot, on the American TV series "Seinfeld".
-- Anonymous User  3/19/2012
It's russet potatoes, not Russell. This name isn't that bad. I wouldn't give it to one of my kids, but I wouldn't mind hearing it more.
-- Anonymous User  6/23/2013
The incredible Russell Edgington from True Blood.
-- tataH  5/1/2014
Russell Senior is the violinist/guitarist for pop group Pulp.
-- moonbaby9307  5/30/2014

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