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Well who on Earth wants to be an old man? That is a really daft meaning of a name.
Dogsy  8/28/2006
I disagree with the above poster- "old man" isn't a "daft" meaning for a name. In some cultures and time periods, old men are/were greatly respected. The meaning can imply that the person is experienced. I understand how people are turned off by the meaning, but they will (hopefully) be old one day too.
I think the history behind this name is really interesting. Both Spanish and Greek, derived from Hebrew, and used on saints ranging from a Cappadocian hermit (Sabbas the Sanctified) to two Goth martyrs (Sabbas the Goth and Sabbas Stratelates) to the patron saint of Serbia (known as Saint Sava). Wow. I'm not Christian or even religious at all, nor am I Greek, Spanish, Turkish or Serbian, but man that's interesting at the very least.
I think this name is of course usable, especially if the parents are anything listed above. The name doesn't look complex, but it is.
bathos  12/29/2010
It's Sabbas, not Sabas.
bathos  12/29/2010
The name Sabas is so unique people should be proud to be named like that. And besides, old people are rich.
sabas  5/24/2017

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