My mother named me Sacnite and my sister Itzel (another Mayan name). According to my mom, I was named after a Mayan Princess. My parents also decided not to give their children any middle names.
It was such a hard name to grow up with in grade school. I grew up in the beach cities in CA so a name like this was unheard of. As soon as I would see a teacher hesitate during roll call, I would raise my hand because I knew it was my name they were struggling to pronounce.
I've learned to embrace it and refuse to let anyone call me anything other than Sacnite, no there is nothing else I go by, no I do not have a middle name, no I do not want to be called anything other than Sacnite, my given name, so please learn it.
I have children of my own now. I did not give them any Mayan or Aztec names, but I did give them names that are not as common; Genesis and Olive.
Olivenesi  10/21/2013
Pronounced "Sahs-nee-teh".
MaggieSimpson  8/19/2008

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