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Sandrine Holt is a British-Canadian model and actress of Chinese and French descent.
Lumi  5/6/2019
Sandrine is not an elaboration. It is actually a short form of Alexandrine (itself a diminutive of Alexandra) as well as a diminutive of Sandra (f) and Sandre (unisex), since it contains the French feminine diminutive suffix -ine: (in English)

The masculine equivalent is Sandrin, which as you can now guess, is a short form of Alexandrin (m) as well as a diminutive of Sandre (unisex).

Also see:

- the entry for Sandrine on page 432 of "Tous les prénoms" written by Jean-Maurice Barbé: (in French; states that the name comes from Alexandrine)
- (in French; also states that the name comes from Alexandrine)
- (in French; mentions that the name comes from Alexandrine)
- (in French). [noted -ed]
Lucille  2/17/2019
Sandrine Pinna is a Taiwanese-French actress. She started her career as a child actress and appeared in many advertisements.
cutenose  5/25/2017
I love this name a lot. It is one good name, it sounds well! And a modern name.
― Anonymous User  10/7/2016
I love Sandrine. I've also come across Zandrine as a character in a book once, and I think that has a slightly fresher sound.
silly_rabbit  8/10/2015
I don't even like the name 'Sandra' and Sandrine reminds me of sardines on top of that.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2013
This name is very dated in France because it shot up in popularity out of nowhere in the 70's and died down in about 10 years.
bonjour_mon_joli  8/25/2013
A famous bearer of this name is French actress Sandrine Bonnaire.
alberto  2/22/2005

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