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Sanford was originally Old English for "Sandy Fjord" and is seen in movies like "Hot Fuzz" in the standard Sandford style.

And Sanford and Son, the 70's comedy classic, was about a father and son who owned a junkyard and the mischief the lead character (Fred Sanford) would get into and how his son would get him out of it.
sanford  8/31/2015
Bill Nye the Science Guy's full name is William Sanford Nye.
derhistoriker  5/16/2014
It sounds pretentious, elitist, and old-fashioned. On a positive note, it doesn't sound much like the name of a mean rich, spoiled frat boy. Yet.
slight night shiver  5/5/2008
Sanford and son is a program about two black guys, who are father and son and they are truckers I think with their own company. I think, however, it is their surname.
spaz123  9/2/2007
A famous bearer of the name is Peter Gallagher's character, Sanford "Sandy" Cohen, on The OC.
october_bay  5/5/2006

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