It's weird... I feel like Sarah is pretty much the most uncreative name you can come up with (though I like Sara), Serena is just a slightly uglier version of Selena (I know, the origin is different and all, but it just sounds harsh and weird), Serafina is nice, but too pretty, if that makes sense, Sally is just plain bad (but that's mainly because most Sally's I've known have been jerks), and just in general that all the Sarah names aren't great except for Sadie, which I love, but Sarina is AWESOME! It's so much different from Serena, somehow. It's serious, pretty, individual, uncommon, and just plain awesome.

I hate Serena, but love Sarina. I don't know how I differentiate the two names so separately (everyone thinks I'm saying the same thing), but they're so different in my mind. To honor a Sarah, choose Sadie, Sarina, or any variant of Selene.
MayaHelen  12/3/2019
This is my name Sarina, I love my name it's not a common name and the spelling too. I like it spelled this way more than Serena. I do have to spell my name out a lot because people usually think its spelled Serena. I tell them it's spelled like Sabrina without the b.
SarinaMaria  8/14/2019
Way cuter than Sarah itself.
wh0sbad  7/29/2019
Wait a minute, Sarina is a DIMINUTIVE of Sarah? What happened? I thought that Sarah was a diminutive of Sarina! Interesting...
― Anonymous User  11/24/2018
Saran wrap.
― Anonymous User  5/1/2018
I am making my dad call me Sara now. My name is Sarina.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2018
The name Sarina is also in use in the Netherlands, and it has been since at least the year 1882. The Dutch name database called "Corpus of First Names in The Netherlands" ( lists the name as being derived from the name Sara, but given the fact that by 1882 the Dutch were already long familiar with combining names, it cannot be ruled out that in at least some cases, the name Sarina is a combination of Sara with any feminine name ending in -ina, such as Hendrina, Martina and Wilhelmina.

Right now, the best known Dutch bearer of this name is probably Sarina Wiegman (b. 1969), a former professional soccer player who recently became head coach of the Dutch national women's soccer team.

Last but certainly not least, the name is pronounced as sah-REE-nah in Dutch.

- (in Dutch)
- (lists only bearers from the Netherlands)
- (lists only bearers living in the Netherlands)
- (in English)
- (in Dutch; this is a brief article about the official presentation of Sarina Wiegman as the new head coach of the women's soccer team, which also features some quotes of hers, most of which are related to her ambitious plans for the team). [noted -ed]
Lucille  1/13/2017
I named my daughter Sarina Jayde and she loves her name.
Icedwillow  12/3/2016
My name is Sarina, used as a surname. Many people via emails think I am a woman, Sarina Thomas, but I am male, Thomas Sarina.
Thomas S.  6/13/2016
An Italian nickname for "Sara", meaning "little Sara".
dreamflower  6/19/2014
When I first saw this name I loved it, especially the meaning. But I thought it was pronounced Saarin-a, which I like better than that "Serena" pronunciation, so now I don't like it as much.
MeinNameIstMelissa  5/24/2013
Contrary to what the entry states, this name is not a combination name at all; it is Persian and means 'pure'.
kitti06  1/23/2013
The name Sarina means serene or calm. It also means beauty. It is a Hebrew also an American name.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2010
Pronounced "sah-ree-nah".
Emilie007  8/28/2008
My name is Sarina. I really like my name, also what I found out is that it is used by the Japanese as well! I was like "WOW!"
SarinaBarnes  1/13/2008
I love this name, and I much prefer the spelling Sarina over Serena. It just looks more feminine spelled this way. I would definitely consider using this name for my daughter. It's pretty, feminine, and I like the fact that it’s not very popular or overused.
TiffanyS  1/9/2007
My name is Sarina, and the origin is French. It means "beautiful girl" or "beautiful woman". I love my name personally, and I hope others do too.
sarinabella  2/4/2006

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