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Also used on boys in Slovenia, though it's more popular for girls. [noted -ed]
earthnut  7/18/2007
Saša is also nickname for Alexandra in Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Emilie007  9/4/2008
Pronounced "sah-shah".
Emilie007  9/4/2008
Saša Bůčková is fictional character of the TV show "Comeback" (2008). She was played by Marie Doležalová.
Emilie007  9/4/2008
It is a name for boys, and in my country (Croatia) is used more often for boys. [noted -ed]
enchy  3/6/2009
In Croatia 90% of people with the name Saša are male, but there are some girls with this name (my girlfriend for one). [noted -ed]
fico  5/3/2009
Saša is also nickname for Satyana.
Meg_Simpson  11/25/2011
I have a friend from school, whose dad is a Serbian basketball player, his name is Aleksandar Saša Đorđević (Sasha Djordjevic).
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  11/26/2016

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