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I love this name. Planning to use it as my daughter's middle name in a few months. I think it's great as a middle name because it would be a bit of a pain to constantly spell out so many letters if it was your first name.

The correct pronunciation is Sche-HARE-zade not Sche-HARE-za-dee (was mispronounced in Aladdin which has lead to a lot of people thinking it is the latter).
Qitiam  3/26/2018
I have heard this name pronounced both "sheh-hair-rah-ZAHD" and "sheh-hair-ah-ZAH-dee".
New_Chloe  7/28/2011
Pronounced sha-HEHR-ah-zod. This name is so amazing.
TheLastMontague  5/13/2007

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