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The main character of the novel Un homme et son péché by Claude-Henri Grignon, and all of its adaptations, is named Séraphin Poudrier. He's an evil man overcome by greed. Maybe it's just because I'm familiar with that story, but I would never give this name to a real person.
Rainears  2/22/2015
Cute but rare and old fashioned, but cute.
luxsword  4/28/2014
I think this is a really nice name and I would probably use it if I were French.
walesgal92  8/7/2011
Before I even knew this was a real name I had used it for a character in a book I was writing. Because of this, I imagine Seraphin as a name for someone with determination and outward courage, though someone still quite caring and gentle at times. I don't imagine the name as a leader-ish type, at all. Despite the fact that my character is male, I could see this being used as a girl's name, too. I really like the name, of course. ^.~

I don't know if this is at all the correct way, but I pronounce it seh-rah-fin. (no long syllables)
Weaponstar  12/20/2006

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