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Wherever I look this up it is only listed as Agnes spelled backwards, it started in Scotland.
― Anonymous User  1/17/2007
The meaning sucks and it's Agnes spelled backwards.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2009
"Slender" is an amazing thing. Being 'fat' is not. How is that a sucky meaning?
― Anonymous User  7/15/2011
Means "the bed" in Norwegian.
Caprice  9/11/2012
I think Senga is a lovely, beautiful, cute, unique name and I love how it's Scottish! :)
― Anonymous User  1/3/2015
Senga is part of the name of several strawberry cultivars grown by Reinhold von Sengbusch; most popular is Senga Sengana.
elbowin  2/17/2015

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