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I'm very fond of this name. It can be shortened to Shad as a nickname. A fairly prominent character in Irene Hunt's Civil War story Across Five Aprils was Shadrach Yale.
Lauraramoid  12/10/2005
Shadrach Dingle is the name of a character in the British soap, Emmerdale. A lot of the Dingles have Biblical names, such as Zack, Cain and Debbie (Deborah) but they aren't particularly religious!
emeraldstar  8/2/2006
This is one of my favorite names ever! Partly because of the shortened version, Shad. Also I like the most famous namesake. :)
― Anonymous User  2/11/2007
There is a concentration of people in South Wales with the surname Shadrach. I believe they are related. There was a well-known Welsh minister, teacher and author Azariah Shadrach, 1774-1844.
NeilShadrach  3/31/2017

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