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Meanings: In the image of king; Son of king.

Historical literary Reference: Shahrokh, Shahrukh, Shahroze, or Shah Rokh (Persian: شاهرخ ‎‎) is the name of a mythological bird in Persian/Iranian literature. It is built of two parts: Shah meaning a king, and Rokh (or Rogh, or Rukh), another enormous mythological bird. In the One Thousand and One Nights stories, Rokh helps Sinbad escape from a dangerous island.

Shah Rokh, therefore, means king of the Rokh. It may also be written as Shaahinrokh or Avestan Saeenrokh. (E.g., Iranian city of Shaahindezh or Saeendezh and also city of Sannadazh). This has been converted to saeem-rokh, then seem-rokh, seem-rogh and vulgarised as see-morgh. Seemorgh is also known in mystics’ ideas as the king of birds or God. People have mistaken the word with See (thirty) and morgh (bird) and believed it means Thirty-Bird.
sbehzadi  1/31/2016
A famous bearer of this name is the Bollywood Baadshah ShahRukh Khan. He has his alternate spelling though.
vivmeg27  2/1/2008

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