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This name is mistaken so many times in so many places on the net. People think that it is English or Afro-American when in reality it is French. I was named after a French family 59 years ago. The name is French. Most people think it is Afro-American because of the singer with the same name. I was among one of the first with this name. While it is not a problem that people do not know its origin. I thought you might want to know where it really comes from.

Shanice Thibedeau
-- shanice2004  11/11/2005
I don't know where Shanice comes from, but it's certainly not a French name!
-- Anonymous User  1/31/2007
My sister's name is Schnice.
-- Anonymous User  1/7/2006
You can also spell it Chanice.
-- sparkie  10/8/2006
Shanice is a French name. It's my friends name and they are from a very French family.
-- Kasi  3/11/2007
Two things come to mind: an annoying, loud-mouthed teen girl from a ghetto, and that schmaltzy and annoying song from the early 90s by a singer with this name titled I Love Your Smile.
-- slight night shiver  5/6/2008
This name is kind of pretty but it sounds kind of ghetto.
-- number1212  11/15/2008
I knew a girl in high school named Shonice, which was pronounced much the same way Shanice is. I'm not sure if they are related names. Anyway, I actually think Shanice is a nice name.
-- erb816  3/2/2010
I've also seen this name spelled Chineese and Shanyce.
-- kirluci  3/15/2010
I wouldn't name my child this but I think it's nice. And to those who call it "ghetto," how come? Because it's a name that black people use? Get over yourself.
-- silly_rabbit  9/4/2010
My roommate and I share the same name. And yes, our parents got it from the singer Shanice. We love it. I get compliments on it a lot.

It flows well and depending on who you carry yourself as, it sounds sweet. But if the girl carries themselves as a "an annoying, loud-mouthed teen girl from a ghetto" then that's just what it comes off to be. I'm a Chemical Engineering student from Japan who's mixed and the name fits me perfectly. I wouldn't change it at all.
-- Blackaneze_Virgo  2/5/2011
There's R&B singer Shanice Wilson.
-- Anonymous User  4/13/2011

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