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I think this name sounds odd and childish. The spelling looks babyish too.
Luvbug86  3/23/2018
I am a Shawnee as well. I am neither trashy nor native American. If I were born a boy my name would have been Shane. Go figure? I am a Pacific Islander and Black Irish.
shawneemarie  11/25/2017
I do understand that Shawnee is a Native American tribe, but my parents compromised when they named me. My dad was on board for the tribe name part, but my mother wanted to name me Shawn if I was to be a boy. So Shawnee (for me anyway) is a feminized version of Shawn, but just so happens to be spelled like the tribal name because my father was into that.
shawneelynn  8/4/2017
My name is Shawni-Paige and it's also pronounced Shaw-nee. It's often mispronounced and a pain to explain to people. I've had Sharnee, Shawani. And misspelled a lot- Shawnee, Shawnie, Shawny, Shawney. I really do like my name a lot since it's a little unusual and the spelling is a little different. The hyphenation of Paige is a bonus.
Shawni-Paige  11/8/2015
My name is Shawnie. It is a nickname given to me by my aunt and grandfather after finding out my parents had named me Rashawna. Being that I am caucasian, my grandfather (unfortunately racist) refused to call me Rashawna and so I was called Shawnie from the day I was born on. Although I do not feel Rashawna fits me as a name, the older I get, the more "nicknamey" Shawnie sounds.
Shawnie10981  3/9/2015
I don't care about the history, the EE looks trashy.
FlakyMatt  11/14/2011
Although Shawnee sounds beautiful, I think it's a little strange to name a child after a people. You wouldn't name a child "Chinese" or "Russian", would you?
Caprice  4/30/2010
I agree. That comment above is heinously insulting to Native Americans. I can't understand why anyone would go on the internet, and write horrible things for everyone under the sun to read.

I think this name is very pretty and if the Shawnee tribe is significant to you, then it would be fine to use it. However, if you pick it just because you like the sound, and know nothing about the Shawnee tribe, I feel it cheapens the name.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2009
I am ridiculously offended by that comment.
musicfiend  6/16/2009
You shouldn't find bananarama's comment offensive. What they mean is that someone, especially a non-Native American, names their child this without really thinking about it.

In a way (to them), this would be like naming your child French or Italian.
erb816  2/16/2010
Extremely trashy and juvenile, and another Native American tribe name insensitively being passed off as an English given name.
bananarama  5/9/2009
Just sounds like Seanie, a nickname you would give to a guy called Sean purely to annoy him. The spelling looks incredibly chavvy, I find the sh- sound repulsive and the "shawn" parts reminds me of prawns. And the double e ending looks ridiculous. What's so wrong with y or ie that you have to make your child look illiterate just so they can have a dumb, infantile ending on their name?
― Anonymous User  2/28/2009
To the poster above me, it's spelled SHAWNEE with the double e's because *that's the name of the Native American tribe!* If we were to manipulate the spelling, making it either Shawnie or Shawney, that would be simply obnoxious---and if you think about it, a bit disrespectful. That's why I don't like the "Cheyanne" spelling of "Cheyenne", either.
erb816  4/16/2009
I think it's a really contemporary name, without being a fad. I prefer the 'incorrect' pronunciation SHAW-nee.
eschantie  10/27/2008
Shawnee is a Native American Tribe.
80226_hottie  8/14/2007
I once knew a Shawnee, but she pronounced it SHAW-nee. I always liked the name, even though you probably would go through life explaining it.
gigibee  7/19/2006

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