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Sheri Holland is a character in Netflix's original production of 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Ajiona Alexus.
peonini  6/2/2017
My name is Sheri, and I never felt that it was a "little girl's" name, or that I've outgrown it. So glad I wasn't named Sheryl! It's a totally different name! I've only received positive feedback about my name through the years, and I've always loved it.
SheriD  1/8/2017
Pronouncing this name as ''she-REE'' is the heigh of pretentiousness. It is quite clearly ''SHE-ri'', and if you want people to call your daughter ''she-REE'', you should spell it Cherie. As for the actual name, it sounds quite cutesy and girly, and it's more of a 60s cutesy and girly name at that. Not that the infantile names of the 00s are better. However, this name seems somewhat incomplete, and I don't think the parents of the now middle-ages Sheris took the time to think how well the name will suit the girl once she's out of high school. It's a pretty name, but it sounds a bit like a little girl name, and Sheryl would have sounded more mature.
slight night shiver  5/6/2008
I meant that the name is pronounced ''SHER-ee'', and anything else is a combination of pretentiousness and bad spelling combined.
slight night shiver  5/6/2008
Sheri Moon, a beautiful actress and the wife of a heavy metal musician Rob Zombie, is a famous bearer.
audreyhubley  8/28/2006

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