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Sieglinde is a character in Die Walkure, the second opera in Wagner's Ring. She slept with her brother (Siegmund), and they had a baby (Siegfried). Then of course everyone died.
memomo  2/17/2006
In Old Germanic names like Sieglinde, "linde" does NOT mean "gentle." It means "shield." Literally, it means linden tree, but since shields were made mainly from linden wood, the term "linde" was used to mean "shield" just as "ash" (the tree from which spears were usually made) was used to mean "spear." Thus, Sieglinde really means "Victory Shield".
sieglinde  4/24/2006
This is my mother's name, but she shortens it to Linda because nobody can pronounce it.
Erika Christine  9/5/2006
This name, in modern German, would probably sound simething like [zi:glində], though, were someone to use this name in English, it would probably be pronounced [siglɪnd], as this appears to be its pronunciation at first glance.
Bastien Rosier  3/4/2008
Pronounced zee-GLIND-uh. I'm not quite sure which syllable the emphasis falls on, but that is the correct pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2008
Pronounced Seeg-lin-de.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2009
My name is Sieglinde and I grew up pronouncing it SeeGlenDay.
Sfleenor  8/23/2015
StreakofEmerald  9/24/2017
The IPA of this name is something like: zi:glɪndə. Basically, ZEE-glin (like 'i' in linda) duh (e as in the second 'e' in 'relEvant".)
mememan28  1/18/2018

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