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Famous Bearer: actress Sienna Miller.
-- SweetP  6/25/2005
My daughter's name. I thought it was very beautiful and feminine and it's growing in popularity.
-- jazzi  12/30/2005
My 2 day old granddaughter is named SIENNA KRISTINA. I find the name chosen is perfect for a delicate little girl, feminine in every way. I know she will do the name justice, as will it do her.

I love names without letters that 'drag' down. She will have a lovely signature (will look great on her driver's licence), LOL.
-- daizee  12/31/2005
It IS a feminine name but I think that you can call someone this without the risk of them sounding girly and stupid - it feels intelligent too.
-- Anonymous User  3/6/2006
I'm seeing this name everywhere here and I don't see it's appeal.
-- Anonymous User  5/4/2006
I think it is a beautiful name, and it goes well with the middle name Mary, Sienna Mary Bla Bla Bla.
-- bellaboo  10/29/2006
Not a fan of this name; I can't see its appeal and I'm sure there'll be an outbreak of Siennas, named of course for the lovely Sienna Miller, which I personaly think is tacky.
-- Anonymous User  1/5/2007
This is my daughter's name and she is 1. I chose it because it's classy, feminine, and light. This name will best suit her when she's an adult, that's why I like it so much. Her nickname is 'Cece'. Sienna is gaining popularity, but she will never be 1 of 4 Olivia or Ava's in her class. Her full name is Sienna Kate and siblings are Callista and soon-to-be brother, Chase.
-- Jenibee  1/10/2007
A very pretty name.
-- 7up  1/27/2007
I love "Sienna Rose." I know a girl named Sienna. We're not close, but I love her name.
-- VictoriaCalledTori  2/15/2007
I love this name and I like it much more with two n's. I've only ever met one little girl named Sienna (she's about 8 now) but I never knew her well. To me, it is a beautiful and elegant name that can grow with the child. I also find it very funny that it means orange-red because, whenever I think about it, I think of cool blues, pale turquoise and woody browns.
-- writing the world  2/21/2007
I think that it definitely grows with the person because it's a nice name for a woman who's 100 years old! This is because it reminds me of "cien" or 100 in Spanish.
-- Anonymous User  2/25/2007
I really like the name, it sounds nice and short but it also has something about it that makes you think about it.
-- Mango  5/30/2007
Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg have a daughter Sienna Goldberg, was born at 2:20 am on 24th August 2005 in L.A.
-- Janika  7/16/2007
Actually, the daughter of Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg is named Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg.
-- KrisMichelle  9/14/2007
Sienna, Chardoonay, Crystal they are all the same - tacky.
-- Anonymous User  10/30/2007
I like this name. I think it sounds classy and smart.
-- Anonymous User  11/20/2007
I love the name Sienna, it definitely does not seem in the least bit tacky to me. It sounds so elegant and care free, but will suit a woman well through her whole life.
-- ocean eyes  2/9/2008
It reminds me of a crayon.
-- JellyBee  7/20/2008
Any name based on this beautiful Tuscan city is worth having.
-- Anton  3/13/2010
Pretty nice if combined with a classy name. Sienna Skyler or something like that sounds just ugly.
-- Anonymous User  3/15/2010
Well, I'd rather wanted to use it as a guy's name.
-- Rain_In_Night  7/3/2010
I think this name is very ugly and overused.
-- bathos  8/4/2010
I really really love this name. I think it sounds very elegant and smart, but in a weird rustic, underused way. I want to use it for a character in a story I'm writing, but the plot focuses around fire so I'm afraid it'll be tacky since Sienna means red and all that.
-- Anonymous User  5/25/2011
I think it's a pretty name. But it's WAY too modern, and it sounds rather artificial and almost made up. It's got its appeal, but I'd skip it, if I were you.
-- Black_X  7/24/2011
Sienna Devereux is one of the main characters in a book series called Vampire Beach.
-- Ino Aole  8/11/2011
I love this name, however it makes me think of Brown, not Red. :P
-- zoe x  10/2/2011
Um, no. Just like "Sierra", this name doesn't fit anyone over the age of 16.
-- Anonymous User  1/14/2013
Sienna is a model of minivan produced by Toyota from 1997 to present. The automaker Fiat also has a model called the Sienna.
-- Sara Ruth  12/30/2013
Twin for SIERRA.
-- Sabertooth  10/7/2014
Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery have a daughter born via surrogate named Sienna May.
-- MrsGarrett  10/20/2014
I personally love it. My daughter is Sienna Brielle Grace, and I feel like it's such a feminine, sweet name.
-- Reyna85  12/18/2014

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