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Pronounced as "Slah-voh-meer".
Karcoolka  3/21/2007
Pronounced as "Sluh-vaw-meer".
Pet form: Slavo, Slávek, Mirek.
Name Day: 22th January.
Maggie_Simpson  6/23/2007
Serbian/Croatian form: Slavimir, Slavoljub
Ukrainian from: Slav(o)myr
Czech/Slovak form: Slavomil
Emilie007  9/29/2008
Here is the most elaborate list of names amongst Serbs that begin with Slav;

Male: Slav, Slava, Slave, Slaven, Slavenko, Slavimil, Slavimir, slavine, Slavisav, Slavislav, Slaviša, Slavjan, Slavjanko, Slavko, Slavobor, Slavogoj, Slavodrag, Slavoj, Slavoje, Slavojko, Slavolik, Slavoljub, Slavomil, Slavomir, Slavorad, Slavorod, Slavoslav, Slavša.

Female: Slava, Slaven, Slavenka, Slavidarka, Slavija, Slavijana, Slavijanka, Slavimira, Slavimirka, Slavinija, Slavinka, Slavisava, Slavislava, Slavica, Slavjana, Slavjanka, Slavka, Slavna, Slavojka, Slavoljuba, Slavoljupka, Slavomila, Slavomira, Slavomirka.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2009

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