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The meaning is pretty and all, but I wouldn't use it in an English speaking country because it looks and sounds too much like the English word "sneeze". In the English speaking world a little girl named this would likely be teased a lot. Gesundheit! Lol.
THErockLady  8/31/2012
As one user has commented, having Snezana in an English speaking country such as Australia is hard as it is a very difficult name to pronounce and Aussies like to shorten everything. Not an attractive name for little girls - trust me, I spent all my school years being teased!
As an adult I have embraced my name and to some when pronounced correctly it is exotic and unique and also a fairy tale princess name. Great story to pass down to my little princess.
Chilli  1/15/2017
It translates to snow white in English which is really pretty, trust me I know, I'm Serbian.
iceskater735  10/29/2009
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/18/2007
??????? is how the name is spelt in Macedonian language and it means the same as Snezana in Serbian. The name literally if you translate it would mean snow-white like in the fairytale. :O)
[noted -ed]
emma  11/2/2005
It doesn't literally mean snow white as that would be "snegobela". It's actually an adjectival form of the word "sneg", meaning "snow".
mssdm  5/25/2009
Snezhana Serbian name - meaning derived from snow - pretty as crystals of snow.
vesnalila  1/3/2005

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