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SNJEŽANA is also a girls name in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/20/2007
The origin is false. It comes from the adjectival form of "sneg" (snow) which is "snežan" (along the lines of "snowy"). Also it doesn't derive from Croatian as there is a same Macedonian, Serbian and Slovenian name, so it must be labeled as "Slavic". [noted -ed]
mssdm  5/25/2009
Just to add, there is a male version of this name, Snežan, which further disproves the etymology of the name.
mssdm  5/25/2009
I agree with the above comment that the meaning of SNJEŽANA (spelled that way) is incorrect: while the first element is slavic SNEG or SNIJEG as the case may be (snjeg is spelled wrong), the second is actually an adjectival suffix -AN with a feminine ending. Thus the meaning "like snow, snowy".
goricar  11/21/2009
This is also a Serbian Ijekavian version not just Croatian. [noted -ed]
Anonymous user  2/9/2012

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