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English authoress Jane Austen (1775-1816) used Sophy as a nickname for a character Mrs. Sophia Croft in her novel 'Persuasion' (1817).
LadyBug18  2/19/2006
I prefer Sophie.
song_quest  5/19/2006
Sophy is the English pet form of Sophia. It was commonly spelled this way in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Kate  4/10/2008
Actually, the Sophy is a variety of rose, which has a pale pink colour. I was named after said rose, and I actually prefer this flower-name meaning to the stodgy, traditionally-associated "wisdom".
Sophannagh  7/23/2008
I prefer this to the overused Sophie.
vomiting  5/26/2009
Wait a second. This is listed as English and a variant of Sophie. Sophie is listed as French. So shouldn't this be listed as an English variant of Sophie?
― Anonymous User  7/11/2009
I much prefer this to Sophie (which I don't think ages as well)--however, I still prefer both to Sophia.
I think Sophy is a great name that deserves to make a comeback.
erb816  9/7/2010
This is an interesting spelling that has some appeal as it reminds me of the ending of philosophy-- well, philosophy is the love of wisdom and Sophie/Sophy means wisdom--but it would be annoying to correct people's spelling all the time. Sophie is prettier as well.
thesnowwhiterose  7/2/2013

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