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Sorin is the name of one of the characters in the Chekov play "The Seagull".
― Anonymous User  12/18/2005
Pronounced so-REEN.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2006
It'd sound nicer pronounced 'Sor-in'.
Surreal  7/11/2007
I actually like the word it was derived from more, Soare.
Mango  7/17/2007
The name is derived from soare (sun in Romanian). Soare is of Latin origin (sol). I suppose that the name was invented in 1852 by the writer Dimitrie Bolintineanu (in the poem “Sorin sau tãierea boierilor la Tîrgoviºte”). In Russian (very rare) it is a family name with absolute different etymology. In other languages is probably only a curiosity.
desdichado  7/24/2007
The name Sorin as masculine first name is typical Romanian (the diminutive is Sorinel). As female name is Sorina (more rare). The name become more used after 1950. Generally an intellectual, urban name.
desdichado  7/24/2007
The pronunciation for English people is Soreen (the accent is on I - Sorín).
desdichado  7/24/2007
In Romania Sorin is considered a good, beautiful name.
desdichado  7/24/2007
This is way better as a girls name!
Tatumarore  7/4/2017

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