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Stevie Kathleen Ryan was an American actress and YouTube personality. She starred in the VH1 series Stevie TV. She was born and raised in the city of Victorville, California and graduated from Silverado High School in 2002. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to enter the entertainment industry. Throughout 2006 and 2007, Stevie continued to book various commercial projects while also filming, editing, and acting in videos which she posted online.
cutenose  7/3/2017
Famous singer: Stevie Wonder (masculine).
Tatumarore  6/24/2017
The name Stevie was given to 343 girls born in the US in 2016.
77.78 percent of people with the first name Stevie are male.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
Steve Winwood was commonly called "Stevie" in the 1960s by teen music magazines (probably as an attempt to make him seem more like a teeny bopper).
SorrySylvester  5/1/2017
My parents are music fanatics. Dad's name is Steve and he's a HUGE Stevie Ray Vaughn fan, uncle's name is Nick so my mother (who can sing just about like Stevie Nicks) naturally went with Stevie for me. Being a little girl with this name was horrible to be honest. "Oh your named after Stevie Wonder, huh?!" "Did your parents want a boy?!" "Is your real name Stephanie?" *sigh* I DID attempt to go by my middle name once. My mother went with "Nickole." She wanted to make sure that if someone stole her first and middle name for her first born, that they surly wouldn't get the spelling she had. Plus, it follows where my name came from in the first place that much better and tied my uncle right in there as well. Kudos Mom! I have grown to love it in my recent years. Yeah, I could never find my name on those tiny license plates you would proudly sport on your bike, but by golly that was just showing me that I was never meant to "fit in." When you meet me and hear my name, it all seems to make perfect sense- people have actually told me this in person. I don't see it as any more masculine than feminine. I know (of) and have met many incredible souls who carry this unique and pretty uncommon name. Some don't care for my first name and prefer to call me Nickole or even Nick. Whatever makes your day, I can deal. I'm not here to make anyone remember me but I guarantee you will never meet another Stevie or person like me and without even trying you will never forget me!
S.NIXX_JOW  7/18/2016
The name Stevie was given to 36 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
My name is Stevie, and everyone thinks it's a masculine name but I'm extremely feminine so it's kinda like an oxymoron for me. But I stand out, and everyone remembers my name so it works out for me:)
bolol28  5/20/2016
Sorry, but "Stevie" is not a strong masculine name. It's not even close to that. It's definitely unisex, but more feminine than masculine in my opinion.
Clintoxx  5/18/2016
I always thought that Stevie was a boy name used as a nickname for Steven, but when I transferred to a different middle school in the middle of the 8th grade, boy was I wrong. There's like three Stevies, and all of them are girls.
thatgirl_jada  3/9/2016
This name is gold! I don't like it for a boy though.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2016
Absolutely love the name Stevie! For either a girl or a boy!
RandomUser  11/29/2015
Sounds a little weird on a girl, at least as not as irritating as Frankie.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2015
I think it's cool when I meet girl that has a nickname (or simply just their name) that's usually associated with boys. I find it unique, and that it almost sets a certain precedence for a girl's future - I mean from my experience I've found I cannot judge a book by its cover, but I can definitely get a vibe from someone just by knowing their name. Truthfully, all of the girls that I've met that are called Frankie or Stevie have always been rock stars in life and successful (in their careers or personal happiness). Maybe it's the down to earth vibe of the name that sets the tone, or uniqueness.

Stevie Nicks was actually a rock star, although I must admit I like it as a name and not a shortened version of Stephanie. Stephanie is a beautiful name too though, all the Stephanie's I know are wonderful and hard working people (never call them Steph though, as they all say..)..

My name is Cecelia, by the way, but everyone calls me CC (initials for Cecelia Catherine). I'm throwing that out there because I get curious about people's names based on their comments on any website and if their username is different. Like when I read a nasty one, I'm always wondering who are you? Why are you hiding behind a made up username? Don't be a coward and hide anonymously on the internet just so you can lash out without judgement. If you're going to be a d*ck then own up to it.
For anyone that has browsed the yahoo comment section on the daily headlines for example *eyeroll* who raised those people?

Whew I just used a name website to rant about people on the internet via the comment section. Irony sort of..? Just bringing that up if anyone can relate to feeling a bit discouraged in humankind by such negativity seen across the Internet. Choose your name/username/nickname/etc wisely I guess.
Spaceghostcc  7/1/2015
I'm a writer using the name for one of my characters. It's an awesome name for any gender and I could totally imagine naming my kid Stevie.
AriP1023  1/18/2015
I love my name (female born Stevie). I get a lot of flack from people that I meet for the first time (doctors, teachers, mostly older people), because Stevie is such a 'masculine' name. We name kids before we know their personality, so it's unfair to judge someone's character based on a title given at birth. Besides it's nice to have a name that nobody else does in school and at work; this way people don't need to pronounce my difficult last name.
Why I was named Stevie: My mom decided to make me and my older sister have a cutesy two part name, she's Danielle. So it's like Danny and Steve from Hawaii Five-0.
StevieMarie  12/30/2014
Personally, as I am named Stevie, and I am a woman, I find it odd that people find it difficult to see it as a female, or a males name.

Admittedly, I see it as quite feminine as I am female, but it is quite a nice name for both genders. Some peoples view that it is only for a man, are quite wrong, it is a unisex name, and pretty much always has been. It is not a nick name, but a name in itself, it's just those with the name Stephanie or Steven, have had it shortened to such -I also know a guy who goes by Stevie, but his name is Steven - and as it is not the most common of names, people confuse this matter.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2014
I'm a woman and my name is Stevie, not a nickname, it's my birth name and I'm very proud of and with my name.
People always think I'm named after Stevie Wonder, so they're surprised that a woman can have that name. Most of them don't know Stevie Nicks tho ;)
― Anonymous User  5/30/2014
A famous bearer is American musician Stevie Wonder, born Steveland Morris.
bibi66  11/12/2013
My name is Stevie and my middle name is Nicole (Nicks was too masculine apparently). My mom's father was an incredible Stevie Nicks fan, so I was named after her. I had short hair when I was younger, so people definitely thought I was a boy, so it was hard. But it's unique and I'm growing to like it!
Stevie62  12/19/2011
Despite some of the negative comments about this name being "too masculine for a girl's name" and such, I would definitely name my future daughter this as a tribute to Stevie Nicks (yes, I am a HUGE Fleetwood Mac fan) and if she didn't like it or if she was girly and wanted a more girly name, she could go by Eve or Evie like one of the above comments said.
Ryry1996  5/14/2011
Stevie Ray Vaughan rocks! I love the blues. It's sad that he died though.
Writing Queen  2/21/2010
Stevey Joy, second-youngest daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman. She was adopted from China.
Atarah Derek  12/16/2009
My name's Stevie-Jo, I used to hate my name but as I've grown older I've come to love it and if a girl named this feels it's too boyish or masculine she can always go by Eve or Evie as I did for part of my childhood.
steviejo  10/29/2009
My name is Stephanie, and I personally hate the nickname Stevie for this name. I'd never even heard of that. Sounds way to little-boy/masculine, and even on a girl I just see a tomboy girl aged 7-11 or something. Definitely not something I'd ever want to be called.
SuomiRuotsi  4/5/2009
Stevie Rae is the best friend of Zoey Redbird in the House of Night series.
bibi66  3/14/2009
This nickname only suits little boys and tomboyish girls. It sounds both child-like and masculine for girls, not to mention women.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
I love Stevie as a nickname for Stephanie (can't stand Steph). I think it's spunky and a little different. Plus, my father's name was Steve and I'm a huge Stevie Nicks fan (thanks to my mother who nearly named me Rhiannon).
Belle  3/24/2007
Stevie (Stephanie) Hall is the feisty redhead in the Australian drama series, McLeod's Daughters.
Belle  3/24/2007
Steve is a guy name, but I like Stevie for a girl. I read a book about a girl named Stevie, and ever since I have liked that name for a girl.
flipflop1215  12/5/2006
I love the name Stevie for a girl. I like Stephanie, but I really don't like the nickname Steph, so I think Stevie is a great alternative. It still sounds girly to me, actually I have trouble picturing a man called Stevie.
angelsariel  8/4/2006
@angelsariel - I am Stevie and I am a guy. Why would anyone have problems seeing a guy have that name, since it sounds masculine?
Just coz poor Stephanie (Stevie Nicks) couldn't pronounce her name, she (unluckily and unfortunately for the other male Stevies) choose the nickname Stevie. So it doesn't make it a girl's name. People are just used to seeing Stevie Nicks all over the place and so they assume it's a girl's name!
If they wanna name girls, they can always use Steffy, Stephanie or get creative and go with Stevanie or Steva or whatever.


If a girl's called Stevie, You better check if she really is a girl! Might be guy or a tom-boy!
StevieAb  5/8/2014
My name is Stevie. I love it! And Stevie is my name, it's not my nickname, although that's mostly how I use it. To me Stephanie is too girly and popular. And I hate being called Steph.
StevieGrl  4/28/2006
On the Saddle Club, one of the charater's name is Stephanie but she grew up with brothers so she goes by Stevie.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2006
I personally love this name because of Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks. Stevie Nicks couldn't say "Stephanie" (her real name) as a child so she just shortened it to "Stevie".
sineadleigh  12/30/2005
Stevie Nicks (born Stephanie Lynn Nicks) is a famous rock singer formerly of Fleetwood Mac.
breakofday  12/16/2005
Ugh, I can't imagine calling a girl Stevie!
― Anonymous User  7/12/2005

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