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Storm Logan was a character on the soap The Bold & the Beautiful.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2006
This is a rather odd name for a child, but Stormy and Misty might make cute twin names.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006
Storm is my middle name. I don't know why my mom thought it would be nice to give me two middle names because they sounded good together. "Kayla Marie Storm".
Kayla_Keira  8/15/2006
I have often seen Storm for a boy and Stormy/Stormee for a girl.
― Anonymous User  9/13/2006
This name sounds like it belongs to someone with an anger problem, no offense to any Storms out there.
scarletquillraven  6/19/2007
Storm is the name of a character in X-men.
― Anonymous User  8/12/2007
I've known several girls named Stormy, I really dislike it though. I think it just gives a bad impression.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2007
Lisa Marie Presley and her first husband Danny Keough have a son named Benjamin Storm.
Swiff  12/4/2007
This is one of my favourite names, it's great to use in stories. The name is a bit dark like there is something underneath the character that you don't really know about. I've actually used it before.
writingmuse13  3/2/2008
Tacky, tacky, tacky. An utter soap name. I can't really imagine this name on any conventional adult. Not that you have to be conventional. But it lacks a certain maturity and sophistication, and it sounds like something young and immature parents name their kids because they think it sounds cool, which it doesn't. It's on the level of tackiness that Rush is. This name is far worse on girls, as it doesn't sound feminine at all, and it will probably sound good on tomboys only. Sorry, but this name lacks the required spunk to work on androgynous and indie rocker type girls and women. It sounds more like a pseudonym anyway.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
This is not a good name, it sounds like someone with a bad attitude.
― Anonymous User  5/10/2008
This name is also Scandinavian, and in Norway it has become somewhat popular recently.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2008
Mötley Crüe's bassist, Nikki Sixx, has a daughter named Storm Brieanne Sixx.
Evil  10/23/2008
Storm Thorgerson, a graphic designer most famous for his Pink Floyd album covers (everyone's seen the prism, right?) who has also worked with bands like Led Zeppelin, Yes, and Black Sabbath. He is known, not surprisingly, for surrealistic album designs, especially ones which place objects in unusual contexts.
babylemonade  11/12/2008
This is the name of my twin sister, and she is not a tomboy or androgynous or anything like that at all. In fact, she's quite feminine, although the name suits her quite well.
inkling_dreams  1/14/2009
This is my two-year-old niece's name. My sister has loved it since she was a teenager, and no, she doesn't have a fascination with X-Men. I don't mind the name, but I picture my niece's first days of school--teacher reading Storm off the roll, expecting a boy, and looking up to see a pretty blonde girl--and I can't help but feel sorry for her. It doesn't help that her middle name isn't feminine either (it's O'Neal).
britto08  2/21/2009
This name is also used in The Netherlands, increasingly so. The Dutch word for 'storm' is 'storm' also, which likely contributes to its growing popularity (since it doesn't appear as a typical English hippie name such as River, but more as a Dutch-style hippie name).
Lucille  3/6/2009
I know a female Storm, when I first heard her name I was quite surprised. And honestly, would you like being named after something possibly destructive? And to the person who said Stormy and Misty were cute names for twins - please, no. Don't. If someone names their twin girls that, they probably will not be pleased.
emmiix3  3/13/2009
This sounds weird as a name. Sounds more like a character name than a real-life person's name.
number1212  3/21/2009
Storm is my five year old nephew's name and I am honestly not a fan of it. Every time I hear it, I think of a weather forecast. He is mostly called by nicknames though such as Stormy bear or Storin Norman. Although I think his name sounds a bit better if you say the whole combo of Storm Gregory.
crazykls  6/10/2009
Sounds much, much more like a stage name than a real name.
Kerules  8/11/2009
I've heard this name being used (though rarely) in the Netherlands where it means Storm as well. The Dutch pronunciation is the same except for the r which is a rolling r.
renee06  12/19/2009
Stormie O'Martian (maiden name Stormie Sherk) is an author.
erb816  3/4/2010
My name is Storm and I'm a girl. My parents named me this because it was the weather on the day I was born.
I like my name, especially because people don't name their children this a lot. I never needed to worry about my teachers confusing me with like six other kids in my class.

To those of you who don't like my name or think it reminds them of a soap opera name, I say whatever. I really think it's down-to-earth. What's more natural than water and wind coming together and on occasion lightning creating fire? Even though they can be destructive they are also beautiful and strong. So why not let a girl have a strong name?
― Anonymous User  3/10/2010
A girl name but it does remind me of someone with a temper. It's a great down to earth name.
CattyLoony  4/9/2010
Totally hippie! Storm sounds tacky as a first name regardless of sex. It also sounds like a name that drug-addicted rock stars would name their kids.
bananarama  4/10/2010
Also, the Tim Minchin song "Storm" is about a flaky new-agey woman named Storm who has a tiresome, pseudo-scientific, pseudo-philosophical outlook on life. And a nice bottom.
babylemonade  6/14/2010
This is my boyfriends name & he does not have a anger or attitude problem, he is the opposite of that=) I really like this name I know a girl and a boy Storm, but I think it's a boy name. I would recommend this name for a boy=)
― Anonymous User  10/26/2010
I've tried to hate this name but I just can't. It's so cool!

I'm guessing it's more popular than average in Melbourne, Victoria which has an NRL team called the Storm.
keepitreal  1/23/2011
I think it's a beautiful name, and unlike most people, I like storms and rain and hate sunny weather. However, I wouldn't use it as a first name, only as a middle name.
― Anonymous User  2/5/2011
I met a ten year-old boy named Storm recently, and in total contrast to his name, was quite a well-behaved kid--not hyper in the slightest (unlike a "stormy" personality). It made me like the name a bit more. Still not sure I'd use it, though.
erb816  2/10/2011
I actually met a very sweet girl named Stormy, and I didn't think badly of her for a second. I like Stormy better than Storm. Storm is too short.
Dawson  2/26/2011
I am sorry that some of you feel the way that you do about the name Storm. I was named this in the late 70's, my parents were not Hippies. My father named me after a character in a book. She was a Strong warrior who fought for what was right. I am not an angry person, I am not a mean person. I was born before X-men, I am not Odd, and it is not Tack, Tack, Tack as one person described. It also does not lack maturity and sophistication. I love my name and I am told everyday that it is a cool name by people that I meet and how much they love it. I hate that people base an opinion on a name and not the person. I am a good person and honestly, to know that there are people out there that would judge me by my name before they ever got to know me is offensive. I have met lots of people with common sweet names and after getting to know them they are not all that sweet. And to anyone who is worried about how this name will affect your child, well I will admit that I did have some problems as a child from some kids who just had a bad attitude and need someone to pick on, but adults and teachers always loved it. I would not change my name to save my life. I even had my middle name removed because it was just too COMMON.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2013
My best friends name is Dare, and she has a little sister named Storm. I don't find it odd, and I actually can't picture the name 'Storm' on a guy. My name is Xavia (eg-zay-vee-uh), my little sisters name is Ophelia (no, not after the Hamlet character, after my great grandmother). Heck, most people I know have really unique names, and I love it. I also dislike 'Stormy' or 'Stormee' because it sounds (no offense) kind of like a hooker or stage name.
Xavia  4/25/2014
I named my daughter Storm. I find storms to be beautiful and strong and I want my daughter to be that. She is 4 now and she is very beautiful. Long blonde hair, the prettist blue eyes you would ever see. She has a strong personality. I'm not worried of other people picking on her because I know with her personality she can wipe them out just like a Storm! ;-) she is very caring and loving. She's the perfect Storm.
rainstorm  7/11/2014
Storm the Albatross is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2014
My daughter is 8 and her full name is StormieAdell Hunter W. And she loves her name. I think it is a good name.
lynn22  4/10/2015
Sadly, for those who like this name, it is associated with the ugliness which is White Supremacy in the USA. One must be careful to consider regional areas when using this name. The White Supremacy group "Stormfront" has many followers and believers who add Storm to their name, first or last, to identify with their support of this hateful group. The killer of the black parishioners at Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina in 2015 was a White Supremacist and adopted "Storm" as his middle name to show it. While I don't like the idea of never using a name just because it was co-opted by hate groups, one should still consider where you are living and what effect this may have on your child.
KFord  7/16/2015
Storm the Albatross, one of the members of Babylon Rogues alongside Jet the Hawk and Wave the Swallow from the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series, bears this name.
― Anonymous User  8/12/2015
Ultimate unisex name. I like it, don't love it because storms are destructive and deadly, but I do think it is an above average name. It is really a good unisex name though.
Kidwins9  2/6/2016
My name is Stormi and I was named that by my grandma who loved odd names. I've always liked having my name and only met two others with my name, Storm and Stormy. I think people worry too much about a name causing trouble when children get older. Unless your name is something ridiculous like Strawberry Sunset or an awful respelling of something like Xoeigh instead of Zoe the child's life will not be cursed to go down the toilet. The only trouble I've had with my name is people ending the spelling with every letter and combo ever except for with an i, and a few people thinking it was just my nickname until told otherwise. 99% of the time the name does not make the person. Get to know someone before you judge over a name.
― Anonymous User  2/9/2016
Storm is a powerful name that is not for the faint of heart. You cannot predict a child's life nor can you influence it by naming them something safe like Sarah. However, when you name your child with a name like Storm, you give them a gift. The gift of not being lost in a crowd because there are not very many of us. You will never forget a Storm.
Stormithy  2/16/2016
To who ever thinks Storm is a bad name or people that think they have anger issues you are wrong. I love the name Storm because that is my name and I don't care if anyone has that name. It's an amazing name and if your name is Storm you should be proud that it's your name.
stormsalinas123  3/14/2016
I like the sounding. It looks very masculine- no feminine use?
cutenose  3/17/2016
Masculine. Norwegian, Danish, Dutch. [noted -ed]
cutenose  3/17/2016
61 baby boys in the USA (2014) were given Storm.
lilolaf  4/12/2016
58 baby girls in the USA (2014) were given Storm.
lilolaf  4/12/2016
I like to think I am among the first to be given the name Storm, having been born in 1963 to parents that definitely weren't hippies and no, I wasn't born in a Storm. I love my name and my kids and grandchildren think it's awesome. My husband says it describes me down to a tee... thrilling, unpredictable and can be a little wild. Oddly enough, I'm an author and use a very plain pen name for my books.
nzstorm  5/1/2016
From ( Storm started to be used in the USA since 1946. It could've been given before 1946 because it only shows a number if there are more than 5 given the name.
lilolaf  5/6/2016
This sounds like a name a child would choose, I dislike that some of the people who comment on here claim there "adults", when there is probably a child behind it. I wouldn't really believe people in the Netherlands are using it, sorry! I do believe Norway, Denmark and America.
cutenose  5/6/2016
My friend's sister is named Storm and she's never had any comments. She's from Thailand but I think her actual father is South African. My friend's name is Earth, so they go together well.
I personally quite like the name Storm for both a girl and boy, I've used the name for both genders in my stories. However, unless you live in an area where unusual names are common and/or in an area where the child won't get judged, I'd seriously consider when thinking of using it. I think it works best if you're exotically not like the majority of the area, but ultimately, unusual names shape people.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2016
I'm a member of the STORM Family, and can date back our family of Norse/German to 1600!
I've been called STORMY since my return from Vietnam.
Proud to be an AMERICAN, and proud to be a STORM!
StormyWeather  8/1/2016
My name is Storm and I'm a girl and 12 years old. My parents were 40 when my mum gave birth to me and my dad had read a book by Lee Child with a girl in it called Storm Courtney. I'm a bit upset to find people's dislike of the name as everyone I have met likes the name... Never met another Storm in real life.
stormtheunicorn  11/19/2016
My middle name is Storm. I'm 20 years old and I've always gotten compliments on my name. My mom was going to name me Summer Storm but she went with Amber Storm instead. I love the name Storm!
AmberStorm  11/26/2016
I absolutely love the name Storm.
My son's name is Storm.
Norm was my father's name, who passed away and they always called him Stormie or Storman or Storm. So to all you who say it's a trashy name or it's a soap opera name, there's more to the meaning of a name then you might believe.
― Anonymous User  1/20/2017
My name is Storm. My mother chose that name after reading "Love Cherish Me" by Rebecca Brandewyne. The woman in the book was described to have dark hair and light colored eyes, which ironically fits me since I also have both of those traits. People do not believe me when I say my name but when they realize it is my birth name I have always heard nothing but good compliments. When I was a child I did have issues with people thinking about X-men too much (in the 1990's) but it doesn't bother me at all now. I find most people will either like it or hate it but I don't mind it. I think it makes me stand out from the rest of the crowd in a good way. It hurts my heart to think some people out there would judge me by my name before even meeting me, but to each their own. I think it also goes well with my Choctaw heritage and gives me a small part of my history I can hold on to. I have met one other person named Stormi and that was somewhat awkward since it was in a store and I heard someone shouting my name (she was looking for her young daughter at the time). It has also given me a special place in my heart for "uncommon names" and I have named my daughter Alura since it also isn't as common.
StormNicole  6/9/2017
My real name is Storm Powers so many people think it's fake. It's super annoying.
stormpowers99  9/5/2017
Stormpowers99, I'm sorry you dislike your name but...
That names sounds awesome! I know I'm going to be called dorky for admitting to it, but who cares? This is a comment section: opinion opinion, and another opinion. You have the right to not like your own name. Your full name sounds fake to be honest, but it doesn't stop me from liking it. Many names seem unreal, yet they're still used, considered, or admired. Oh well, you can always change your name if you'd like.
― Anonymous User  3/7/2018
The feminine version was my name and I hated it. I was always asked if it was my real name. I think that it could be cute on another person but I myself don't like it and it doesn't feel like me. I plan on changing my name.
andrewe  9/10/2017
Storm Reid is an African American actress.
― Anonymous User  1/27/2018
My prediction is that this name, Stormy, and Stormi are all going to increase in popularity (maybe even hit the top 1000) in the U.S. since Kylie Jenner just named her daughter Stormi.
Icycoldhot  3/10/2018
The old racist Republican senator from South Carolina, Storm Thurmond, who opposed the civil rights act and had a mixed race daughter, ruins this name.
XironDarkstar  4/28/2018

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