GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: سليمان (Arabic)

Meaning & History

Variant Arabic transcription of SULAYMAN, as well as the Indonesian and Malay form.
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Solomon (Biblical), Salomo (Biblical Dutch), Salomon (Biblical French), Salomo (Biblical German), Salomon (Biblical Greek), Shelomoh (Biblical Hebrew), Salomone (Biblical Italian), Salomon (Biblical Latin), Salomón (Biblical Spanish), Suljo (Bosnian), Salomon (Danish), Solomon (English), Salomon (French), Shalom, Shlomo (Hebrew), Suleiman (History), Salamon (Hungarian), Solomon, Sol, Solly (Jewish), Salomon (Norwegian), Salomão (Portuguese), Shalim (Semitic Mythology), Salomón (Spanish), Salomon (Swedish), Süleyman (Turkish), Süleýman (Turkmen), Zalman (Yiddish)
Entry updated December 8, 2017