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I kind of like the sound of it, but not the meaning.
XironDarkstar  10/29/2017
I think this is actually a really cute name. It sounds so much better than Tracy or Stacey. The meaning and history don't bother me.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2013
'Tace, Tacey, and Tacye were fairly common female names among the Quakers. This wasn't a sexist command for women to keep quiet (actually the Quakers were quite egalitarian for their time); rather, it reflects the Quaker doctrine that the divine inner voice can be heard through silent contemplation. Examples of the name "Tace" can be found as early as the 1600s in England and Wales.'
babycrookston  4/3/2011
I'm glad this name is archaic. It's sexist and moronic, based on the Biblical Paul's misogynistic beliefs. I pity to think that some parents may have used this name, perhaps thinking it's a variant of Stacey, unaware of its meaning and history.
― Anonymous User  2/16/2010
I can see why this name died out. It's an ugly name that came from the misogynist belief that women were supposed to be silent in church.
bananarama  3/19/2009
I don't love this name, but I do like it. I think it's cute.
Rachelgirl1989  3/15/2009
The Puritans introduced this misogynistic name from St Paul's exhortation to women to "keep silent" in the churches!
Jonquil  9/19/2008
I love this name! "Tace" is a great nickname and it just rolls off the tongue. I think it's a pretty, feminine and original name - much more interesting than Tracy.
Tyrelle  8/5/2008
Looks like someone misspelled Stacey, and sounds like someone with a severe lisp trying to pronounce Stacey. This name sounds very girly and infantile, and it's not pretty. The origin of the name rather makes me wonder if this was created as a ''virtue'' name to propagandize the idea that women should remain silent.
slight night shiver  5/8/2008
I think this name is actually a bit funny for some reason. I don't dislike it, actually.
Pippin  3/16/2008
I don't like this name, it sounds like tasty.
dreamgirl54  11/16/2007
I don't like this name, I think it's actually very ugly.
lovelydove  6/15/2007
Tacy was the nickname of the character Anastasia in Maude Hart Lovelace's children's book series 'Betsy, Tacy & Tib'.
MThenard  3/20/2007
Haha, when little kid's can't pronounce my name, Tracy, they say "Tacey".
― Anonymous User  8/31/2006

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