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One of the main characters of the long-running Irish language soap opera, Ros na Rún is named Tadhg Ó Díreáin. He runs the local pub, Tigh Thaidhg (Tadhg's House).
NiamhWitch  8/13/2017
LMS  5/16/2016
The pronunciation is TYG.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2014
If you google the name Tadhg, you will find most people with this name are highly educated, doctors, 3rd level lecturers, IT, tv/film and sports players for example, which makes it an even more attractive name in my opinion!
― Anonymous User  6/27/2014
TAY-g is another pronunciation.
krisscouture  5/12/2011
Although most people think that this name is pronounced exactly like the name Teague, it actually sounds a little bit different. It is pronounced more like Tiger but without the er at the end or like Tie with a g.
Mystic  6/11/2009
I agree with both users who made the comment about how the name can be used in parts of Ireland. I have a little cousin who has this name and lives in the south at home when we visit we'd call him Tadhg and in the past when he has visited us we called him Tai in public so that we weren't shouting an offensive word all over the street. However it's not fair to use that on him cause he doesn't understand so we went back to Tadhg and no one cares they know him and don't care. I love the name personally.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2008
VERY similar in pronunciation to a vicious sectarian slur - Taig - used in Northern Ireland against Catholics and Republicans. The slur was actually derived from this name, in fact. Similar in connotation to calling a black person the n-word.

Just a warning for anyone thinking of naming a child this. It is NOT a nice word where I come from. Wiki it. ;)
vindemiatrix  6/7/2008
HAS NOT affected it's use in Ireland at all. Isn't Taig confined to Northen Ireland only? Thought as much. And haven't some Nationalists 'reclaimed' this slur in a way? Yes.

Just don't anglicize this fantastic old name.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2008
This is such a handsome Irish name. I love the meaning, "poet", and the non-fussy pronunciation and spelling. Please, parents who are considering this lovely name, don't mess with the spelling to avoid confusion.
1crzychick  7/6/2007
Pronounced ti-gue... I adore this name and it is the name of AFL star Tadgh Kenneley.
poetic_freedom  2/20/2006

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