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This name sounds to me sensual. At least for me, it is impossible not remembering I think it's its most famous bearer - actress Tallulah Bankhead (1903-1968).
alberto  12/4/2004
The name of one of Bruce Willis' three daughters is Tallulah Belle!
alberto  12/4/2004
Duran Duran's frontman Simon LeBon also has a daughter named Tallulah.
cyndi  3/23/2005
I think it's pretty and has some spunk at the same time. ;)
Mommy2B  5/8/2005
In the film "Pride and Prejudice", Mary Bennet, a sister of heroine Elizabeth, was played by an actrees Tallulah Riley.
pocho-mole  1/23/2006
We named our Burmese cat Tallulah because she's so sensuous and flirty. It's got a glamorous ring to it; it always reminds me of Jodie Foster's character in Bugsy Malone, as well as Tallulah Bankhead. As a name for a child, though, it doesn't sit too well with me. A bit too outlandish. And there are so many baby Tallulahs around nowadays!
Mustardseed  1/31/2006
Also a name of a parish in Louisiana.
lulah mae  5/6/2006
I think this is a lovely and lyrical name, and here in VT it's not very common.
nelirosala  6/28/2006
Nickname: Tally.
echo_of_the_past  7/15/2006
Tallulah is actually a very nice song by Sonata Arctica. I didn't realize it was a name until I saw it here.
carnivore  7/27/2006
Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd on Grey's anatomy) has a daughter named Tallulah Fyfe. I think this is a nice name.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2006
This name may originate from Gaelic, meaning "fruitful woman." However, the spelling is TALLULA.
sarahj  1/31/2007
This name is ok. It's growing on me.
elysa  3/14/2007
I don't know. This name sounds a little too cutesy for me. I don't think any girl could grow up with this name very well. I mean, think about, what if your daughter, Tallulah, grew up to be a lawyer? Or doctor? Now, for an artist or actress it might be a good name, but I'd be more likely to hire a lawyer named Sarah Gatsby than one called Tallulah Gatsby.
Georgia_kh  4/13/2007
I just don't like this name. I don't know what it is but something just turns me off of it. I can also say that here where I live I haven't seen the name used.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2007
Supposedly, it also means "laughing water." Tallulah is a nice name and easy to say but to me it sounds like someone young and very ditsy. I think it sounds cool on an adult although I've never met a Tallulah. It's a very unique name and just like Dakota, this name is all-American.
rory  9/11/2007
I didn't even know there was such a name until I saw "Meet the Robinsons." Same with the name Laszlo. Both are names of characters in William Joyce's book, "A Day with Wilbur Robinson," which was published about a decade or so before the Disney film was released.
Atarah Derek  2/29/2008
Tallulah's a showgirl in two episodes of Doctor Who.
patchworkgirl  3/18/2008
This name makes me think of a worn-out looking young woman somewhere in the backwoods of America who talks with a broad Southern drawl.
slight night shiver  5/8/2008
Tallulah is a darling name! I think it would be pretty as a Tallulah Rose!
― Anonymous User  6/10/2008
This name is really silly. Not only is it associated with Tallulah Bankhead (as well as Demi Moore's daughter), there was a poor little girl from New Zealand named Tallulah Does the Hula From Hawaii. Obviously, she was an abused child. I feel bad for that girl. That association ruined the name completely.
bananarama  8/15/2008
Tallulah is the middle name of the third child of the royal Norwegian princess Märtha Louise Behn, and her husband, writer Ari Behn. The princess' full name is Emma Tallulah Behn.
killmork  9/29/2008
I don't think Tallulah sounds unprofessional at all. It has a lovely sound and doesn't sound childish or immature. I can easily imagine a doctor named Tallulah. I can't however imagine a doctor named Kaylee, Haylee, Nevaeh or Karlee. Those names are childish but not Tallulah.

How is Tallulah popular nowadays? It isn't even in the top 1000.

Tallulah and Talulla aren't even related. Tallulah is a Native American name and Talulla is Irish.
― Anonymous User  11/17/2008
I have mixed emotions about this name. I don't know if I like the "T" or "TA" sound at the beginning; maybe that is what is off-putting. Or it could be that it's just a bit of a mouthful. Though I love the "lulah" sound in the middle. And "Lulu" - maybe even "Lula" - would be a darling nickname.
Aesha  1/19/2009
I used to like this name a lot, I thought it was very pretty, but now I think it's just too much. Talia is much better, in my opinion.
emmiix3  2/14/2009
Ever since going to Tallulah Gorge on a family trip, I've loved the name. They sold a book in a little store near the falls called "Tallulah Falls". It's by Christine Fletcher. I recommend it to all who love this name. (It's a YA book.)
― Anonymous User  12/13/2009
Tallulah actually sounds like "leaping waters". It's amazing! Ta-llu-la. I don't think of bouncing, hopping, or jumping. I don't think of frog or toad. This name is amazing!
Milena Scialfa  12/31/2009
This name isn't very good, makes me think of trashy, southern women with a heavy drawl.
MattLin  5/29/2010
Heh. This name is kinda cute. I like it.
Chrila96  10/9/2010
There is also a British singer named Tallulah Rendall.
nicole_1024  11/10/2010
I think Tallulah is a beautiful, unique name. I think the nickname Tallie is also really cute!
nicole_1024  11/14/2010
I'm from Georgia and I've been to Tallulah Gorge a few times and it's beautiful so this name is really special to me.
Liesl  11/19/2010
Emma Tallulah is the youngest daughter of Princess Martha Louise of Norway and her husband Ari Behn.
blessed-bee  12/30/2010
I would have named my oldest daughter Tallulah, but it rhymes with our last name so my husband vetoed it. I would have used Lulu as the nickname. Personally, I love this name, I think it's unique without being 'tryndee' or made up.
AMW1977  9/29/2011
American actress Tallulah Bankhead (born 1902 in Huntsville, Alabama).
― Anonymous User  7/3/2012
Sounds nice in theory, but as an actual name, it's ridiculous. I can't imagine saying "hey, Tallulah, what's up?"
― Anonymous User  2/6/2013
I named my beautiful daughter Tallulah Rose. We call her Lulu for short. I think it's a name - Tallulah - that she will grow into - it has attitude and strength. It suits her perfectly and she never has another classmate with the same name!
catherineetlulu  3/11/2013
I am 38yrs old and I am named Tallulah. When I was a child it was unheard of except until the film Bugsy Malone was released. If I had a pound for everytime that song was sang to me I'd be a millionaire. Either that or I'm asked whats ur real name or are u a stripper. The other annoying thing was as a child I could never buy bedroom door plaques or other things with my name on and most people don't know how to spell it. It also doesn't help that my married surname is belle. Most people shorten it to tilly, t or lula but it suits me. I couldn't imagine having a normal name :0).
Tallulahxx  3/18/2013
Anybody seen "Baby With a Gun" by TomSka on Youtube?

The baby's name was Tallulah.
Kinola  7/12/2013
I know a woman who's an actress who just named her baby Tallulah. Somehow I can't imagine anyone but actors naming their daughters that. You have to have some drama in your mother's milk to pull it off. But I think it's cool.
toxi  4/10/2014
A cute name. :)
― Anonymous User  8/15/2014
My daughter's name. We chose it for its similarity to family name Lula, its Native American root, and a tiny bit for Tallulah Bankhead. I like how her name often makes people smile. Also, she had no trouble learning to spell it. Sometimes goes by T for short.
swk247  4/11/2015
I wouldn't call this name "beautiful," but it's got spunk in spades and definitely stands out! It reminds me of the character on the cartoon Maisy.
silly_rabbit  9/19/2015
The name Tallulah was given to 157 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/14/2016
My daughter's name is Tallulah and we call her Lula for short. It totally fits her. She's sweet with a side of spunk. We liked the name because it's not popular but not too far out there. Although it seems to be becoming more popular as there are books, cartoons, movies, and famous people using the name. She was born in 2011 and I'd never heard of anyone with the name and it has never been in the top 1000 names. Yes she is from the south, if you count Florida as part of the south, haha, but no southern drawl. She's also incredibly intelligent, so no ditsy characteristics even though she is a natural blonde ;) As far as Tallulah Bankhead, yes she was a bit out there and more infamous than famous but she didn't follow the rules and did her own thing which I actually think is pretty cool. I wasn't put off at all by that but most older people will ask me if I've heard of Tallulah Bankhead. When we were picking a name I wanted to make sure it wasn't something that if someone were to see it on top of a resume it wouldn't seem too childish. Obviously I'm partial since we used the name, but I love names that end with the "ah" sound like Olivia, Isabella, etc.
BellaRosa  6/16/2016
I named my Jack Russell Dog Tallulah... I call her Loola for short. It's a lovely name, anyone who knows dogs will know JR's have attitude and huge characters. The name suits her and I love it. When people ask her name a few have given me funny looks! I don't care, it's a lovely name. Anyone calling a child this will give her confidence. Some also engage the name to sleazy stuff, I don't know why as it's not like that at all.
mryn2  1/9/2017
I adore this name, nickname Talia or Lula, but go back and forth regarding my preferred spelling.
Paula Puddephatt  5/29/2017

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