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YUCK! Sounds unintelligent and crude/whorish, or like the name of a stripper or something.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2007
Is it perhaps a version of Danika? Or a merger between Danika and Tania?
Anneza  10/17/2007
This is my name. It is Hindi and it means 'rope'.
TanTan  12/27/2007
I would like this name pronounced (tahn-uh-ka) with the stretched (a) like the sound of the (o) in the word on.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2009
I think it is a pretty name. It's strong but distinctly feminine.
romaneo789  1/15/2010
This is quite definitely an Indian name, not an invented one.

There is a British playwright of Bengali descent called Tanika Gupta. She became an MBE in 2008.

I hope this entry can be updated to indicate its true origin.
keepitreal  1/8/2011
There is also a professor of history in India called Tanika Sarkar - pretty far off from being a stripper!
keepitreal  1/8/2011

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