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Two famous bearers of this name are the Finnish president, Tarja Halonen, and also the famous Finnish opera singer Tarja Turunen, who also sings in the metal band Nightwish.
Vaeltaa  1/31/2005
Pronunciation is quite like it would be in Italian and Spanish. Accent on the first syllable, short vowel. J is pronounced like in Juventus or "you".
― Anonymous User  7/15/2007
Former lead vocalist from Nigthwish Tarja Turunen. Excellent vocalist.
Annaasakura66  2/27/2008
Generally pronounced 'ta-re-ah'. It has to roll off your tongue to sound correct.
H.S. Pumpkin  3/30/2008
Tarja is the name of the operatic vocalist of progressive/speed metal band Nightwish. She is very beautiful and her voice is nothing short of lovely. :)
xxmidori  9/6/2008
This is a very pretty name, I always thought it was pronounced with a soft 'j' sound like in French, but 'ta-re-ah' sounds very nice too. I think you can tell from the amount of similar posts on this page who the most famous bearer of this name is. :P
dischord33  4/16/2009
In Hungarian, "Tarja" means a part of pork, so it sounds a bit funny to our ears.
Patria-Sue  8/20/2010
It's pronounced Tar-YA. Not Tar-JA or Ta-RE-ah. It's Tar-YA.
gaslights  7/28/2012

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