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This form is never used in Russia. In fact, the only short form of Natalia is Natasha.
Anya  4/5/2005
I agree with the above user in that I've never heard of Tasha used as a nickname for Natalia. But Natasha is not the only possible nickname. I'm Russian, and my friend, whose full name is Natalia, goes by Nata, another nickname for Natalia.
HebrideanBlack  5/30/2006
Tasha is a Russian nickname for Natasha, even if you have never heard it used before. Tasha is of Russian origin.
sarahj  9/26/2006
I've also heard it spelled 'Tosha'.
bibi66  12/28/2006
Wife of Pushkin - Natalia Goncharov, in the family called Tasha.
Zlata  4/24/2007
There is a foreign exchange student at school called Tasha, short for Tashatai.
cloudyaiden  11/10/2007
Tasha is the name of a character in the children's show Backyardagains.
― Anonymous User  7/12/2008
Natasha is my name, and I like to be called this nickname because it means people don't call me Natalie or Nicola. I've even had to put up with names like Rebecca and Samantha, just because they all have 3 syllables.
― Anonymous User  11/15/2008
Lt. Tasha Yar (sometimes called 'Natasha' though I believe it has been established that 'Tasha' is in fact her given name) is Chief of Security aboard the USS Enterprise 1701-D during the first seasons of the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Feorsteorra  3/5/2009
Love this for a nickname for "Natasha", so cute and edgy and lovely.
adrenalinekat  6/15/2011
Tasha (and Tosha) is not a name I would choose, but it's not so bad. I have only known one Tasha. I don't think it's a very popular name in the USA.
GibsonGirl  8/22/2011
I think the name Tasha is stylish and pretty. Much better than Sasha in my opinion!
― Anonymous User  11/23/2014
Natasha "Tasha" Tah is a singer/songwriter.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2014
Occasionally used in Russia as a nickname for Tatyana, but nowhere near as often as Tanya.
Ambiversion  8/11/2015
The meaning of the name Tasha is "Christmas Child" or "Festive".
Meri Cunning  3/3/2016
Tasha is used, although rarely, as a diminutive for both Natalya and Tatyana.
Saluton  9/5/2016
My Name is Natasha but it is shortened to Tasha. I prefer the name Ash but no one I know calls me that. I don't really like my name but I like the fact it means Christmas or birthday in Russian (Apparently!).
TygaGrace  6/27/2017
My best friend's name is Tasha. She's amazing. I love this name. You have to be careful though with middle names because it can be tricky to pair with.
Livingauthentic236  9/10/2017

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