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I have read in Native American name books that Tawnee means "Little Daughter".
zarc0308  9/27/2005
One of the definitions for Tawny is a yellow, brownish color.
amber monkey  3/21/2006
Come on now, this spelling is too teen-girl-like. The name itself sounds quite unattractive to me.
slight night shiver  5/8/2008
This name looks so tacky. Just stick to Tawny.
number1212  6/11/2008
This is even tackier and trashier than Tawny. It sounds like a Tawnee is doomed to be a slut.
bananarama  8/11/2009
This is my name. I don't find it trashy or tacky, though a lot of people seem to denigrate the name as such. It is a bit unusual, but I am certainly no slut, thank you very much.
Tawnee  8/9/2010
This spelling is okay but I still prefer Tawny.
starz26  2/28/2011
I love my name. I didn't always when people, much like the ones on these comments, would tease me insinuating that in some way my name made me promiscuous (rather uneducated comment if you ask me)... but in fact, I'm quite the opposite. Anyway, as I was saying, I love my name. It's different and not a common factory stamped dime a dozen kinda name. My name suits me I guess because I myself am different, unusual, once in a life time woman. I am myself not a follower.
tawnee01  7/11/2014

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