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This name is pronounced teh-rahkh in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
A female singer in the gospel group, The Crabb Family, is named Terah.
DarciElila  6/29/2005
I know a girl who spells her name like this. To me, it's a girl's name. I thought it was a variant of Terra.
GibsonGirl  7/18/2013
Since there were no vowels written in Hebrew, and since Terah and Torah are the same letters when not regarding the vowels, I believe Terah means "station" and not "wild goat". I think the definition of "wild goat" is of an opinion, since it is the extreme opposite in character from "station" (the other definition). And from the divinity of the Torah, which again uses the same consonants, it is likely and more respectful to only list the definition as "station". I'd appreciate your consideration of this change request, or sharing my comment for other people/students to consider.
Jezi  9/18/2016

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