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This name is pronounced turp-SIK-uh-ree (rhymes with hickory).
Camilla  11/20/2005
I like the sound but not the look, and I'd never use it.
wefrox  10/28/2006
I like the look but not the sound. To me it looks like the name of a musical instrument, perhaps because it's like "harpsichord". Alternate spellings: Terpsichori, Terpsikhore. There is also an asteroid named 81 Terpsichore and a ballet named "Terpsichore" based on the Greek muse.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2009
I really like this strange, eccentric name. As soon as I saw it, I instantly thought of turpentine, which is an anti-freeze of sorts. Although I would never use this name, on a child at least, I can imagine it on a perturbed female cat, that is sitting and leering; that is what I see in my mind's eye when of think of Terpsichore, anyway. Lol :)
walesgal92  7/3/2010
Terpsichori Chryssoulaki-Vlachou of Crete (1926-1944) was a member of the Greek resistance during World War II. She was executed by the Nazis at age 18.
New_Chloe  5/8/2014

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