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Terry is my mom's name. I think it's a beautiful name for a girl.
-- Anonymous User  4/1/2005
Means "Beloved Leader".
-- deBeers  5/5/2005
Terry is a fabric used in bathrobes, towels, bath mats, etc.
-- wiswina  8/16/2005
Terry can be spelled many different ways. It can be spelled Terri, Terry, Tery, Terry. Some of those are wierd spellings, but some people spell the like that.
-- Anonymous User  10/13/2005
This is my Dad's name. I think of it as a masculine name, rather than a feminine one. I love my Dad more than anything, he is a great representative of the name Terry. The nicest person in the world.
-- Anonymous User  10/17/2005
Phonetic evolution of Tyre as TY-ree
Hence, Tyrians, Tyrian, colloquial pre 1400 BC "Tyree - Lord of Tyre".
In ancient shipping an enstampment signified by the single letter "T" a mark of various meanings in context; signifying mostly ownership and source of various cargoes, especially coins and precious metals.
-- deBeers  1/26/2006
Terry Kennedy is the real name of Compton a** Terry on MTV'S Viva La Bam.
-- dani_08  3/6/2006
Surname of the English soccer player John Terry. Captain of FC Chelsea.
-- Master_Kirby  11/4/2006
Terry MacAlmon is a Christian music artist.
-- Anonymous User  11/11/2006
Gerard Butler's character in "Lara Croft Tomb Raider:The Cradle of Life" is named Terry Sheridan.
-- Kings_falcon  1/6/2007
One of the many characters in the fighting game King Of Fighters is Terry Bogard.
-- liliththefair  1/26/2007
I don't know why, but to me Terry is a masculine name. I prefer the spelling Terri for girls.
-- Yippal  6/5/2007
There's nothing wrong with Terry for either a boy or a girl, but it just seems to me that it shouldn't be a name in its own right. It should always be a nickname for either Terrence or Theresa.
-- queenv  10/2/2007
Terry McGinnis is the name of Bruce Wayne's successor in the animated series "Batman Beyond".
-- EmoTherapy  12/25/2007
Terry Boot is a character in the Harry Potter series. (Ha, and I thought all the HP characters had been mentioned before.)
-- Anonymous User  1/20/2008
I'm sorry but I really don't like this name, it reminds me of a snappy little dog that is forever urinating and defecating on the lino floor of a council-house kitchen. :S
-- walesgal92  4/25/2009
I've always felt this name to have a nice ring to it. I associate it with Marlon Brando's character in "On the Waterfront".
-- SaffronJaune  5/5/2009

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