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I have loved this name ever since I read 'Roses for Mama' by Janette Oke. That is actually where I first heard the name, and then I met someone whose little brother has the name!
― Anonymous User  2/11/2007
I do love this name, but I worry that it's a little pretentious. Since it's a title, it's similar to naming your son Laird, Marquis, or Prince.
GasolineAllie  5/30/2007
Thane is a small character in character in Christopher Paolini's books.
Carriebear_Nocare  1/23/2008
I can't hear this name without thinking of Macbeth. "All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee, thane of Glamis! All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee, thane of Cawdor! All hail, Macbeth, thou shalt be king hereafter!"
― Anonymous User  1/12/2010
I had exactly the same thought as Ailis. It makes me think of Macbeth.
nomenphile  2/10/2011
Sere Thane Krios is an alien assassin of the Drell species in the Bioware video game series, Mass Effect. He is a romance option for female Shepherd characters. His is portrayed as highly religious and a very private man, skilled with both guns and biotics (genetic super-powers).
― Anonymous User  2/10/2011
This is a very unusual name. I think I like it though.
GibsonGirl  9/10/2011
I think Thane is a precious name, though I prefer it as a nickname for Nathaniel.
DaytonK  4/13/2013
I've heard it spelled as Thain, but then I found out that it was a Lord of the Rings reference. Apparently Pippin became Thain Peregrin Took when he went back to the Shire and grew up. Not sure which spelling I prefer, but I like the name.
Skygray15  11/18/2013
55 boys were given the name Thane in the US in 2013!
Lady_Skywalker  4/5/2015
In the Elder Scrolls games Thane is an honorary title presented by the jarl of a hold to individuals of high esteem.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2015
Thane, played by Pasha Pellosie, is a central character in the 2014 musical short film 'Grind'. He is a gay model looking for love.
Feorsteorra  6/11/2016
I don't care for this name. Sorry, but all I can think about is someone either toothless or with a profound lisp trying to say, sane or Shane. "You're inthane!" As opposed to "You're insane".
― Anonymous User  5/8/2017
Thayne Jasperson, Samuel Seabury in the original Broadway cast of Hamilton, has a spelling variation of this name.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2017

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