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Theseus Cassio "Cas" Lowood is the main character of the book Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake.
― Anonymous User  9/28/2014
Theseus's adventures didn't stop once he returned to Athens. He sailed on the Argo with Jason, Orpheus, and cousin Hercules. He also traveled to the Underworld with his friend Pirithous, who wanted the goddess Persephone (Hades's wife) for his own, and both men were put into Chairs of Forgetfulness. Theseus was rescued by Hercules, but Pirithous had to remain because the Lord of the Underworld knew that it was he who instigated the attempted kidnapping of his wife.
Later, when Hercules had slain his wife and children while in a blind rage given to him by Hera, Theseus attempted to console his cousin by "sharing his guilt" and brought him back to Athens. However, Hercules felt that he needed to be truly punished and set off for his Twelve Labors. It is said that Theseus also set up the first democracy.
FMRadio  7/30/2008
Pronounced "TE-se-us".
Ronja  2/13/2008
Pronounced THEE-see-us.
Aqua  11/21/2006

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