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My name is Tyra and I was named after my great aunt from Sweden. Her name was spelled Thyra. It was pronounced "tear" "a" just like a teardrop. My name is pronounced the same way, my mom just removed the h when she named me. I frequently find myself arguing with people about the pronunciation of my name, I believe because of Tyra Banks. But I absolutely love my name and think it's beautiful.
Sway1923jp  8/31/2016
As a native English speaker, my first guess at how to pronounce it would be something more like how you'd say the word HEAR (theara). I was doing some family history and learned that she is one of my direct ancestors so I'm interested in learning more about her.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2016
Thyra is my middle name and is after my great aunt from Sweden. In all these comments no one has mentioned how it's pronounced. It's said like "tear - a". Like tear as in a teardrop.

I've always found it so beautiful and if my first name, Samantha didn't have the story it does, I'd go by Thyra. If only people stopped saying "Thigh - rah".
SamThyra  1/7/2016
A famous bearer of this name is Queen Thyra, wife of Gorm the Old of Denmark. She is believed to have led an army against the Germans. She is an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II.
Namemaven  9/25/2015
Thyra (1880-1945) was one of the daughters of King Frederik VIII of Denmark and his wife Louisa. She was named after her aunt Thyra.
CarolinW  6/11/2012
Dr Samuel Gee (1839-1911) was a well-known English medical specialist - his daughter was called Edith Thyra Gee.
I think it's weird how he chose that "thyroid" spelling!
Just Jonquil  2/1/2012
This spelling reminds me of the thyroid gland.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2009
Princess of Thyra of Denmark (1853-1933), daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark, sister of King George I of Greece and Maria Feodorovna, Tsesarevna of Russia.
CarolinW  2/2/2009
Listen to the German pronunciation of Thyra here:
_satu_  1/17/2008
Thyra is the older and/or Danish spelling of Tyra. Queen Thyra Dannebod is a famous Danish queen. The name Tyra/Thyra comes from the old Nordic name Thyrvi.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2007

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