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It sounds rather pretty, but when you think about it it's more than a little odd having a crown as a name, hypothetically it works but in real life it sounds very out of place.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2017
My name is Tiara and I am offended by what you've said. No, I am not a stripper and yes my parents graduated from high school. I was given my name by my mother who very well knew the meaning and thought that it was beautiful. Yes, one day I will be Grandmother Tiara and I am proud of that fact because I am nothing like what you perceive me to be like and I will have a husband and children who love me for it. I am not spoiled or am a brat, and it is insulting that you think you can judge someone by their name because you think it's childish. The name Tiara is not childish, you are, for reacting to it like you did.
crownbaby12345  8/29/2016
The name Tiara was given to 112 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/14/2016
I am personally shocked at the insensitive and very judgmental comments on this site about a person's very personal NAME! He or she had NO SAY in choosing his or her name! If you don't like a name, DON'T NAME YOUR KID THAT! Disparaging parents' educational status in choosing a name is VERY disrespectful, & I would hope my precious daughter Tiara never reads these unkind and rude comments. We adopted her at 3 days old, and her birth mother chose the name Tiara - WELL aware of the meaning "the small crown of a queen, or the crown of a Princess." We are Christians, and what better name for a Daughter of the KING?
P.s. She is not ANY of the HURTFUL descriptions uneducated people have thoughtlessly thrown out there based on THEIR limited experience. She is in College taking Child and Youth Counselor, and is one of the most GIVING people I know!
CatLover  9/27/2014
I named my daughter Tiara and she is pretty much the exact opposite of what most people on here are saying. She is 10 years old and for the adults on here who negatively label anyone or anyone's name knowing everyone in the world didn't pick their own name to me that sounds about like what these people's impression of the name is. Never judge a book by its cover, or a name.
Visamo918  3/29/2014
Whenever I hear this name I think of "princess" and "spoiled brat".
(NOT trying to offend anyone, I have a really nice friend named Tiara, that is just my first thought).
Gio123  9/29/2013
This name is pretty, sure, but I can only imagined a spoiled child, or a ditzy teenager. I'm sorry, but that's all I can see. I bet she'll change her name before she hits 25. Oh, and Grandma Tiara. LOL.
blondieboo629  8/2/2011
I have a friend named Tiara and she really likes her name, and guess what! She IS NOT a snob, or a stripper, or and airhead. Her mom IS a high school graduate and is pretty intelligent, which is more than I can say for any of the people arrogant enough to write such nasty stereotypical things... Tiara is a girl who wears her name proudly! I for one like Tiara and have considered using it.
haileyrose  3/8/2011
Tiara sounds tacky and trashy. It also sounds like a good name for a stripper.
bananarama  12/30/2009
I think this name sounds pretty, but a little childish. I can't imagine a Grandma Tiara.
-Julia-  7/23/2009
WHAT A HORRIBLE NAME! No offense but this name is entirely trashy and made up. I can't imagine being 30-70 years old or getting a job with this name or even being taken seriously. I mean come on this is a word for a crown, why don't we just find "pretty" sounding words and make ridiculous names. I hate made up names. IT'S A LITTLE CROWN!
becca_marciano  2/26/2009
I find this name terrifyingly atrocious. It's too trendy and won't exactly work for an 80 year old woman.
DeeDee153  10/29/2008
I think it's pretty sounding but it is a very silly name. It means a kind of crown.
number1212  10/19/2008
Very tacky. This is a word for a type of crown, so it sounds pretty silly on a person. Imagine this name on a beauty pageant contestant who actually wins or comes second or third. It's quite an amusing thought. This sounds like the type of name lower middle class and low class people pick because they don't know what it means, but they think it sounds pretty and glamorous. You can sort of tell the parents haven't finished high school. Plus, this sounds like the name parents who are only old enough to be high school sophomores would choose, for that matter!
slight night shiver  5/10/2008
I like the sound of this word, but not this name. It sounds like a snob's name to me. But if it had an important meaning to the parents (I'm not sure what it would be) I could see someone naming their child this. But otherwise...
scarletquillraven  12/28/2006
This is my name. My name is not pronounced like T-Air-A it is T-AU-Rah and it is spelled Ti'ara which I think is unique. My name means a crown and it fits me perfectly because I'm the perfect princess.
Tiababy  1/6/2006
Tiara is also a form of the Gaelic Tara, meaning "rocky pinnacle." It can also be pronounced tee AIR uh.
aergrrl  10/16/2005
Are you sure? I know enough Gaelic to know that it is not, and "Tara" is not really used as a name in Gaelic culture as far as I know.

And as for the choice of names for people, this is dreadful! Sure, "Tiara" sounds pretty and tiaras themselves are pretty, but this is not meant to be used as a name; it sounds like the wish of low-class parents to see their daughter succeed in life (and, ironically, such plans have backfired because not many people can take an adult with a name like "Tiara" seriously.). How about "Ciara" (KEE-ar-ah) instead? Or "Tatiana" or "Tanya"? Or something classic that will ensure the girl protection from teasing and odd stares.
gaelruadh19  1/27/2009
Tiara is also the main character in the anime Shamanic Princess.
Ayame77  10/8/2005

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