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This is the first name of Rammstein singer, Till Lindemann.
-- SaraFeodorovna  7/31/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Till here:
-- _satu_  10/24/2006
I really like this name because of Till Lindemann. Also, I think it would be a cute nickname for Matilda.
-- Chrila96  12/10/2010
Wasn't Emmett Till that boy that got shot for whistling at a white woman?
-- Anonymous User  2/28/2013
Till Eulenspiegel is an impudent trickster figure originating in Middle Low German folklore. He's the subject of Richard Strauss's tone poem "Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche" (Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks).
-- auffie  11/10/2015
Til (one "L") Schweiger (born December 19th, 1963) is a German actor, director and producer.
-- Gregory Woodrow  2/1/2016

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