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Meaning & History

From Tielo, a Low German diminutive of names that began with Diet (for example DIETRICH), from the Germanic element theud meaning "people". Saint Tillo was a 7th-century man of Saxony who was kidnapped and brought to the Low Countries by raiders. After his release he became a Benedictine monk and did missionary work in France.
VariantsThilo, Till, Tillo
Other Languages & CulturesToutorix Ancient Celtic Theoderich, Theodoricus, Theudoricus, Theutrich, Þiudreiks Ancient Germanic Diederik, Tijmen, Dick, Diede, Diederick, Dirk, Ties Dutch Dederick, Derrick, Dirk English Thierry French Durk, Tiede Frisian Theodoric History Tielo Medieval German Tudor, Tudur Welsh
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