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Given Name TIMOTEI
GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Тимотей (Bulgarian)
Meaning & History
Bulgarian and Romanian form of TIMOTHY.
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Timoteus, Timotheos (Ancient Greek), Timothy (Biblical), Timotheos (Biblical Greek), Timotheus (Biblical Latin), Tim (Danish), Tim, Timo, Timotheus (Dutch), Timothy, Tim, Timmy (English), Timo (Finnish), Timothée, Timothé (French), Tim, Timo, Timotheus (German), Timoteo (Italian), Timotej (Macedonian), Timoti (Maori), Tim (Norwegian), Tymoteusz (Polish), Timoteo (Portuguese), Timofei, Timofey (Russian), Timotej (Slovak), Timotej, Tim (Slovene), Timoteo (Spanish), Tim (Swedish)