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Tomoko is the name of an author friend of Mokoto (Sailor Jupiter)'s in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Season SuperS episode 134.
-- glassmidnight  8/12/2007
There is a song "Tomoko" by the Icelandic singer Hafdís Huld. It deals with the perfection of a girl called Tomoko.
-- francesca_milano  3/14/2009
Tomoko Kawakami (25-Apr-70 to 9-Jun-11) was a Japanese voice actress.
-- Anonymous User  7/17/2013
Tomoko Kuroki is the main character of the manga/anime series WataMote. She's a socially inept high school student.
-- OceanSoul  5/11/2015
Tomoko Matsunashi is a Japanese film director and actress. She was described in 2007 as one of the female Japanese directors who "have brought some needed originality and talent to contemporary Japanese cinema." International recognition came to Matsunashi with her 2005 film The Way of the Director which was shown at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal in July 2005 and at the Camera Japan festival in Rotterdam in June 2006. Matsunashi has said that all her films "are based on my own previous experiences with my ex-boyfriends" and The Way of the Director is centered around two characters Saito and Kitagawa who both aspire to be directors. Saito makes a name for herself in independent films but Kitagawa is persuaded by a friend to become a porn director though he still dreams of going legitimate. Meeting Saito again after ten years, Kitagawa gets the idea of filming a trek to northern Hokkaido in winter with Saito. When things go wrong and Saito dies, Kitagawa eats her flesh to survive but eventually succumbs as well. A friend rescues his film footage and Kitagawa finally becomes a mainstream director.
-- cutenose  2/9/2017

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