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My name is Tondra and it's been years since I last googled my name and found a profound meaning for it. It's been spelled Taundra, pronounced Todra, Tonya only because they see the first 3 letters.. lol. Oh, and I've been called the Biome. I've loved to embrace and love my name.
Mskutie4  11/12/2017
My name is Tondra and I too grew up feeling unique. Everyone would say it wrong. I was called Tonya, Tahj, anything but Tondra. When I got older, I grew to appreciate my name. After reading the meaning, I would say it suits me well; even though I do not think it is what my mom was thinking.
Tonj  9/21/2017
I just came upon this name, and I think it's really cool-souding. Unique, pretty meaning, and romantic.
Hannah_E  5/17/2011
My name is Tondra. I am a 56 year old woman that grew up with an unusual name when all my classmates were named Mary Kathrine and Linda Sue. I didn't like it as a child because I didn't want to be different. But now, I love my name and I appreciate being unique. In my lifetime, I have never met another Tondra, but I know they exist. Great name, great conversation starter.
Tondra  11/26/2007
Very lovely name. I like it a lot.
aquaspirit96  9/5/2007
I like this name. We are currently having a thunderstorm and I think it's wonderful to name your child after something so strong yet beautiful and refined.
― Anonymous User  7/13/2007

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